Man Shot During a Robbery Attempt just before 5pm Friday in Mt. Pleasant


From MPD:

“On February 6, 2015, the Fourth District responded to a local hospital for a shooting victim. An investigation revealed that an adult male was shot during a robbery attempt at 4:58 PM, in the 1700 block of Kenyon Street, NW. The victim received treatment at the hospital and is stable.

Look out: Three black males wearing dark hoods and masks.

Should you have any information that can assistance the Metropolitan Police Department in this investigation please call 202-727-9099 or text tip 50411.”

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  • wtF!!!!!!!

  • First, I hope the victim makes a full physical and emotional recovery.

    But frankly, I’m skeptical this is how it went down. 5 PM would have many people coming home from work or walking dogs. It’s hard to imagine this going unwitnessed. The victim drove himself to the hospital? Why not immediately get help and call 911? Third, there was a cop parked on 17th and Kenyon for a large part of the early evening (not sure of exact times). I walked past him around 6 and he was just hanging out in the car – not canvassing. Perhaps, he didn’t know of the shooting yet (perhaps the victim/shooters didn’t know there was a cop a half block away). I eventually did see a motorcycle cop do I slow ride down Kenyon.

    If someone accidentally shot themselves with an unlicensed firearm, the 3 black males in hoods would be a good cover to protect yourself.

    • You have to screw up pretty bad to accidentally shoot yourself in the chest.

      I had a friend who was mugged and stabbed in the leg, he was in shock so much that he just drove himself to the hospital with the knife still in his leg. It was faster than waiting for ems and police.

  • Yesh, the one day I don’t walk in that block at about that time, but I do sorta have to agree with the above poster about having ?s about the scenario.

  • The reporting of the address is peculiar. As other posters have noted, it’s hard to see how such an incident could happen, in daylight, a block off Mount Pleasant Street, without anybody noticing.

    • Unfortunately, it seems as if this really happened. It was witnessed by somebody.
      I saw three people walking along Ingleside the other day at around 3:30 pm one day – it seemed as if they were scoping things out and seemed to try a car door to see if it was opened. I was exhausted from work, carrying around bags and backpacks and had my two kids with me that my brain froze on what to do. Glad that I did not confront them (if these folk may be carrying guns) but next time I will wait until I am out of sight and call 911.

      • I remember a comment a while ago about crime in Ward 1 and how Brianne Nadeau should be making it a priority. I couldn’t agree more.

    • This sort of thing can and does occur on busy streets. Hell, I have been in an attempted robbery situation where a gun was pulled out, in broad daylight, on a busy street in Columbia Heights. Granted this was a few years ago, but I am not surprised. The thing is though, in my opinion, someone would have definitely seen or heard something, maybe they just haven’t / don’t want to come forward.

  • Who said it was unwitnessed? And if you think robberies can’t happen on busy city streets, you are either naive, or willfully naive. Happens all the time in some places, maybe not so often right here.

    • There’s no confirmation that it happened at the location reported. “The complainant reported the robbery occurred in the area,” writes Lt Pate, “However, this is still being investigated.”

      There is no way such a thing could happen here, and anyone who saw it remained silent about it.

      • Why do you insist on denying that this poor guy who got shot in the middle of the day is lying? First he gets shot, then his elected representatives accuse him of lying while he’s still in the hospital? Why don’t you do something to prevent crime in the neighborhood rather than throwing around accusations.

        • Numerous questions about this incident remain unanswered. How did this guy get to a hospital? Why no police call, nor ambulance call, to that location? Is he perhaps simply confused about where it happened? As of this moment, the MPD crime map lists no robbery, nor assault, in Mount Pleasant on that date.

          Let’s see what Lt Pate finds out about this incident.

          • ChenChen

            How can you tell that there was no police or ambulance call? Another poster wondered if he drove himself to the hospital….how can you guys tell that? Is this type of info posted on another site? or maybe there was a more detailed article?

            Just curious, b/c I’ve been mugged before and woke up in the hospital so now im like morbidly interested in this type of activity.

  • Timely:
    Join @BrianneKNadeau for her next Coffee Talk! It’s on Monday, February 9 from 6:30pm-8 pm at Tryst DC (2459 18th St. NW) in Adams Morgan

  • Chenchen: yes, info posted on mt p yahoo group:

    “At around 5 pm the victim was in his car when 3 males approached and demanded money. One of the males displayed a weapon. A struggle ensued and the victim was shot sustaining a superficial wound to the chest. He drove himself to a local hospital where he was treated for a non life threatening injury and was released. ”

    This is particularly shocking to me, as a former resident of Mount Pleasant. Claudia Barahona, Constituent Services Director for Councilmemer Nadeau, a member of the 4th district team and I will be in Mount Pleasant this tuesday from 5-7 to discuss the incident and our collective response. We are still working out a location, which I will send out ASAP.

    I also want to thank MPD for their hard work.


    Ben Case
    Ward 1 Outreach and Service Specialist
    Mayor’s Office of Community Relations and Services
    Executive Office of the Mayor

  • This happened in the 1700 block of Kenyon St. close to the intersection with 18th. I believe the victim was worker on a house renovation.

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