Dear PoPville – Why is the Georgia Ave Metro entrance still closed?


“Dear PoPville,

The west (northbound) entrance to the Georgia Ave Metro station has been closed for over a week now. No sign, no explanation. I wrote to them last week asking what was up but of course never received so much as an acknowledgement (they at least used to send a confirmation that they got your message). This morning around 8 a few workers were standing around shooting the breeze with a couple of cops.

Looking at this in the context of your reader’s report on this morning’s Red line mess that WMATA didn’t bother to explain to customers and a similar situation last week, an unfortunate pattern seems to be emerging where Metro is showing even less accountability to and respect for its customers than it did before. Who’s in charge over there?”

In a rant/revel last week a reader found this update from WMATA:


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  • First rule of staying sane on Metro: Don’t ask questions.

  • And the outage report doesn’t even show that for the exit on the east side, one of the two escalators is not working (or is stationary for some other reason).

  • binpetworth

    The annoying thing is that there’s no signage either on the corner or inside the station about this, so people don’t realize it until they are almost upon that entrance. I’ve seen many a person exiting one of the southbound buses, headed to that entrance, only to discover the closure and then illegally jaywalk across Georgia to the other entrance.

    • To be fair, I’ve seen a many a person, including metro workers and metrobus drivers, jaywalking across Georgia ave to the other side even when both entrances are functional, for seemingly no damned reason.

    • gotryit

      To be honest, I’ve done that a few times in a row. Not jaywalking in front of cars, but still jaywalking. Sorry – I learned how to cross a street in Manhattan.

  • saf

    During the huge windstorm a little over a week ago, that gate took some serious damage on the Saturday night. They may be working on the gate.

  • I’ll give you the answer you would hear if riding in a metro car on in a station. Crackling staticky sound..”the”…crakling…static…more static..inaudible voice…more static…”you may use the”…inaudible voice…static crackling…”thank you for riding metro and have a nice day.”

  • When I was coming up from metro about a week ago (night of big wind storm), there were a 5-6 fire and police vehicles with firefighters with tanks/masks at that entrance. A very heavy smell of something electrical burning was present both in the tunnel under the street and up at street level. Maybe something in their testing to open this week went wrong? Hopefully won’t take as long as the streetcar to get implemented…

  • Seriously, can’t metro procure a bundle of plastic a-frame signs they can use when things are shut down?

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