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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • epric002

    rant: the 2nd robbery (this time with a bonus sexual assault!) on our block in 1 week, and didn’t receive official notification (DC crime alert, MPD listserv) for either. WTF.
    rant: ga ave/petworth north bound escalators: every morning, only the up escalator is working. every evening, neither is working. again, WTF.
    rant: received my VPP in the mail yesterday…that expired in september. seriously?
    rant: too many rants!

  • rant: holiday wine and cheese hangover
    rant: H1B visas are so complicated and makes the job search just all the more difficult. sigh.
    rave: both bosses not here so shamelessly taking phone calls at my desk

  • SFT

    Rave: pillow shopping for fun accent pillows to spruce up my living room.
    Rant: too many pillows. too. many. pillows.

  • It is over for Bill Cosby. I have always believed there was a lot of truth to what many of the women are saying plus he is known to be that guy by many. But with Beverly Johnson (damn, she is still stunning) coming out, that leaves no question in my mind. However it may sound, she just gave a ton of credibility to all of the accusations against him because of who she is and her story (not that the other stories aren’t believable). Speaking of which and I hate to say it but I truly believe that if these white women that came out looked like Brooke Shields or someone like that, I believe many would have believed them straight away.
    Rant/Rave: Heading to MN next week. I lived there for 6 years so I know the cold but after living back here for 7 years I am sure it will feel different. LOL!
    Rave: My daughter who is 19 months old said her alphabets all the way through, of course she was repeating me but the fact that she stayed engaged that long impresses me.

    • SFT

      I just read the Vanity Fair article. It’s still so shocking to me that Bill Cosby could be such a predator, I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the whole thing. He was such a figure head for good clean, wholesome, family entertainment. I mean, who can you trust, if you can’t trust Heathcliff Huxtable!?!

      • This whole thing is so hard to process. For kids in the 80s, Bill Cosby was the guy you wanted for your dad.

      • I saw her interview this morning and then my wife gave me the play by play of the article and it sounds VERY BELIEVABLE! And the fact that she says that she got out of there because she knew she was being drugged because she knows what drugs feel like was telling. The MF’er bombs were funny (not funny but you know what I mean) and then one more before she got in the cab he hailed for her after grabbing her, pulling down the stairs and throwing her in a cab. She said the cabby was like did you just call Bill Cosby a MF’er?

        • SFT

          I think at this point, it’s hard to deny. Her story sounds very believable. I’m just waiting for one of his former staff to come forward with details of whatever he/she saw. There is no way that [if] he was doing stuff like this in his home, that no one who worked there noticed. Also, this couldn’t have been the first and only time he invited a woman over to his home.

      • The best predators are the ones you wouldn’t at all believe would be. It’s so awful for all those women (I can’t help but ignore Janice Dickinson – sorry!)

      • It’s just proof that he’s a good actor.

    • Over is relative I know…I just think that a lot of people that didn’t believe the women will believe them now.

      • I also think a lot of guilty people were shamefully looking the other way. Apparently, Cosby routinely asked that young female staffers and interns on the Letterman show be in his green room and watch him as he ate curry before his appearances. That’s creepy, but one staffer said they were pressured to do it by the senior staff to appease the creep. Crazy what people will do to please celebrities- they leave their dignity and character at the door.

        • “I also think a lot of guilty people were shamefully looking the other way.”
          That’s why there haven’t been more of his former staffers, minions, etc. coming forward – many (all?) of them were either complicit in (through silence) or active participants in his actions, and they’re too ashamed of themselves not to confirm what he was doing, and their part in it. They’re not as bad as he is, but still despicable.

          • My guess is that admitting anything would open them up to civil liability. They are laying low right now, trying to save their own skin. And they don’t have the financial resources to fight this.

          • Most celebrity staffers have to sign ironclad nondisclosure agreements with huge penalties for violating their employer’s privacy. I’d be extremely surprised if Cosby’s employees were not similarly sworn to silence.

      • Yeah, I know what you mean. I’ve always believed it, but I know some people who were on the fence who no longer are after this one. Her essay was so thoughtful and full of anguish. I think she articulated why this is so hard to accept, particularly for black people. Even with believing it, the scope of his transgressions is truly shocking. The Cosby Show was such an important show in American culture and history that Cosby became synonymous with Dr. Huxtable, and Dr. Huxtable, with his dad sweaters and sage advice was (is?) a straight up predator.

    • This is very similar to what’s playing out with Jian Ghomeshi now (the former host of Q on CBC/NPR). And in that case there are a bunch of articles being written by people who say it was a more or less open secret in some circles that his relations with women were potentially abusive, but nobody wanted to be the one who outed him. In some cases people (non-victims) suspected but didn’t necessarily have the evidence or details to come forward, other people feared that their own access to being interviewed or to sources for their own writing or whatever would be affected if they said something publicly, people in positions of authority quieted potential complaints because they didn’t want their own gravy train to stop, and for most people what they personally had to lose was greater than what they would gain. I suspect that all of these factors played a role in Bill Cosby being able to keep this largely out of the public for decades, and in his case he had the added benefit that these patterns were established in the 60s and 70s, when our society was even less tuned into sexual assault than it is now.

    • We have friends that thought that the sex was consensual but got too rough/weird and are now coming off saying that it was unwelcomed/forced…
      I don’t agree with that but there are many schools of thought on this.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: The answer is the same, no matter how many times you ask the question. Asking the same question in different ways does NOT change the answer. Deal with it.
    Rant: sinus headache.
    Rave: going to my country home tomorrow!

  • palisades

    Rave: Going to Panda Gourmet for dinner tonight! Yeehaw!
    I’ve eaten at Fast Gourmet, and I have seen the pandas at the zoo, so it only seemed logical to eat at Panda Gourmet.

  • Blithe

    Update Rant/Revel: Completely unpacked my pearly lavender coloured randoseru — to find that it’s accented in pink, with purple plastic — NOT apparent in the pics. It looks more juvenile than quirky. I’ll maybe try it to see how functional it is, and then donate it to the first kid I run into who might absolutely love it.
    Update: After about 2 substantive phone calls, 3 texts and 2 e-mails, I’m still not sure if C. has actually bought the gingerbread house kit. I’m considering getting a pre-assembled but undecorated one from Whole Foods, as a back-up option, and using it to house the two small plastic frogs (pink & green, or sometimes yin & yang) who now perch on my kitchen counter. No co-dependency issues , no drama, but maybe they’d prefer the privacy of having a tiny-house home of their own.
    Nerdy Rave: Having fun putting together different voicings within chord scales. A year ago that sentence would have made absolutely no sense to me….progress!
    Rave: Fun plans for the weekend!

    • Who is C. — partner? Housemate?

      • Blithe

        C’s a lifelong friend, also from Petworth, who likes craft projects. We decided to build and decorate a gingerbread house — to go along with her Creepy Christmas Village, but between her schedule, my schedule, and our propensity for doing things at the last minute, this may or may not happen by New Year’s. Her daughter will be in town for the holidays, and I’m hoping that her derision might nudge us into action.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Unexpected bonus in addition to expected bonus, and actually paid on time this year!

  • The bourbon I posted about yesterday is Cody Road Single Barrel. Still haven’t opened it.

    Rave: Friday, and (almost) plans for the weekend. Getting out early today and I finally have time to check out Downtown Holiday Market.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: If heaven exists, I have this fantasy that all the things I have lost will be there waiting for me when I get there. That includes my new earmuffs which as predicted, are gone. There’ll be some nice pens also waiting for me.
    Rave: I’ve just replaced my amazing 3,15 Lamy mechanical pencil; this is my 3rd one.

  • Rave: Taking a half day to burn some of my use or lose vacation days!
    Rave: Date tonight. I don’t have a ton of my usual pre-first date dread and am actually kind of excited for this one.
    Rant: My office is so effing cold. I have to wear my down coat at my desk and my hands are still freezing (and I don’t usually get cold very easily). Might be time for a space heater.

  • Rave: Work holiday party tonight! They are always pretty epic. The Japanese word for holiday/end of year party literally means “forget the year party”, to give you an idea. People who have worked here for less than a year usually have to entertain somehow. There are hilarious skits, crossdressing, dancing, singing, bands… So much crazy fun. Seems like they may be doing something related to Frozen tonight… There have been reports of tiaras and snowflakes being snuck around, haha.
    Rave: Super busy and fun weekend ahead as well.
    No rants this morning! Happy Friday~

  • Rave: feeling better, not 100%, but better. Thanks for the kind words all.
    Apprehension: company holiday party on a boat tonight. One of my work friends has decided not to come, which I totally understand given sh!t hitting the fan for her at work, but I’m selfishly bummed.
    Rant: WTF Capitals?!?! You must be the team in the NHL with the most losses when having the most shots EVER. Yeah, there was a lot of nice stuff last night, but sadly, the score at the end of the game determines who gets the points. Were you aware of that?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Have fun tonight and don’t get seasick!

    • I’ve done the boat thing twice for office parties. It’s fun if it’s open bar, but twice is definitely enough for me. My advice, stay at the bar and avoid the rest of the crowd when they start doing audience participation entertainment. I had more fun hanging out with some of the crew/staff than with my coworkers.

    • Accountering

      Stupid game. Stupid Bobrovsky. Wound up with great seats about 20 rows behind the goal, but was very disappointed to only get one point. It was EXACTLY the type of performance I was hoping to see, but when you outplay a team that badly, you are supposed to win 5-2, and I am supposed to get half off Papa John’s today. I guess at least we got a point?
      Andie and I were looking for you last night haha!

      • Yeah, my friend was upset, she said she only goes to Caps game where I’m the intermission entrainment. I mean, I tried to get on a mites on ice team, but I got found out.
        If you were looking for me in the seats, you would have had to look up high from those seats.

  • Rant: Have a sister who has spent her entire life flitting from one potentially life-altering diagnosis to another. Every week, she is freaking out that she (or a member of her family) has a serious illness based on a new set of symptoms. And it usually ends up nothing. I’ve tried to gently tell her to not freak out until she has all the facts, but that’s an exercise in futility, and sometimes ends up with her angry with me. I want to be a supportive listener, but it’s exhausting.

    Rave: Friday, making Christmas cookies this weekend.

    • Allison

      I’m channeling Hax as well as some personal experience here. I think the best way to handle a family member like this (hopefully with an e-mail or a text so it’s in writing) is to reply “I think it’s best if we not speculate as to the diagnosis, if any.” Do not respond to and delete all further correspondence on the subject.

      • Allison

        Explanation: The reason I think this might work better than the tact you’ve taken so far is that you’re saying YOU will not participate in speculation, rather than making it about her and her behavior (“Sister, you need to stop freaking out.”) You can’t stop her from freaking out, but you can decline to participate.

      • Accountering

        I like this advice a lot. You do not need to be a supportive listener to nonsense like this.

    • It sounds like your sister has a major anxiety disorder, which is why simply telling her not to worry won’t do either of you much good. I’ve dealt with a similar issue. Only until she realizes how irrational and disruptive these thoughts are will she hopefully start to get better. But that takes a lot of work and therapy. One thing that helped (and maybe it helped me more than my friend, but…!) was whenever a health fear arose, I’d remind her that it was the anxiety talking and that the fears were irrational. “I’m not worried. Your mother isn’t worried. No one is worried.” And sometimes it alleviated the fears a bit. There’s not much you can do if she refuses your help and refuses to at least TRY to see this as an anxiety disorder. And if that never happens, the best you can do is to simply tell her each time that of course you love her, that you’re sorry she’s so worried, but you will not engage or enable her irrational behavior. Just my two cents. 🙂

  • Rave: wife is home, hopefully things will settle down a bit.
    Rant: not sure how to juggle things when my job has more flexibility and less-restrictive/longer-term deadlines (somewhat of an academic-type of research environment) vs. my wife’s job with meetings that other people schedule & weekly hard deadlines. I also have more leave available. It’s so easy for me to pick up more of the slack since otherwise my wife is around even less, but I worry about the long-term implications for my own career. Especially since I earn more than 2/3 of our salaried income. My wife will pick up more slack when I ask, but I have to ask–and it’s usually “up to me” since I tend to be the household decision-maker/CEO on most things.
    Rant: I may just be cranky from the long week on my own, extra sick days, unexpected last-minute request to purchase & wrap presents for my daughter’s day care class yesterday, etc. (At least I was home already? But I had planned on catching up on some work during nap time. Oh well.)

    • Not sure if it is helpful, but my husband and I have a pretty rigid every-other sick day kind of schedule unless there’s something that the other really can’t miss. I think it keeps us both pretty satisfied and spreads the burden. I’m not as worried about implications to career as much as implications to marriage, since i feel like uneven responsibilities can lead to some real resentment (or, it would for me).

      • Yeah, I agree that the resentment is the larger/more immediate problem. I suppose it’s time for a chat. But those are sometimes hard because my wife defers to my judgement, so I have to decide what is fair. Making that jugement unilaterally is hard because I’m trying to juggle my interests and “fairness” simultaneously, which I think makes me more likely to give myself short shrift to make sure I’m not favoring myself too heavily. Ugh.

        • Can you try to engage her in the “problem-solving” process? I.e., I’m starting to feel really overwhelmed with balancing work and home commitments. Do you have any ideas on how we could redistribute parenting/household obligations in a way that would work for both of us? By leaving it open, maybe that will put some onus on her to offer suggestions rather than just defer to you to act as the household CEO. And FWIW, I think it is ok to open the conversation by saying you want to talk about this because you don’t want resentment to fester in your marriage. I definitely have had a number of those conversations with my partner over the years — not always easy, but we have always come out of it feeling “heard” and operating as more of a team.

          • I’ve tried that in the past with variable success. Definitely the approach I’d use in this case as well.

          • SFT

            My husband and I went through something similar several months ago. I was overwhelmed because I was still nursing/pumping at work, doing all of then nighttime feedings, and did both pick up and drop off with the nanny-share (it’s on my way to work). So I wrote an email explaining just how overwhelmed I felt and listed out all of my responsibilities. It was good to see it in writing, he didn’t fully comprehend how much i had on my plate, so to see it was really eye opening for him. I think the email format helped too because it’s a non-emotional way of communicating and you don’t get into the ‘I do this and this and this and you dont’ do this and that’. It worked for us. Good luck – I’m sure you’ll be able to work out something that helps you feel more supported!

          • ending the whole pumping things makes life SO much easier – those little tiny parts….ggrrrr

          • Our attempt to divide responsibility re the pumping chore was to but a bunch of spare parts. Every time my wife would pump she’d throw the dirty parts into a dishpan of soapy water. I’d was them every day in the evening. It didn’t make for an equitable division of labor, but it did help, and she never washed a pumbing part after we started that.

          • SFT

            OMG…the pumping parts were the worst. I hated cleaning that thing more than I hated pumping. The horror…the horror!!!!!

      • I WISH we could do this – I really hate being the default parent. I never get a day off to actually ENJOY. How nice would it be to take an afternoon off, go to a movie alone, and not have to take care of someone for 4 hours?! sigh.

        Every other is a great plan

        • Yeah. Tricky thing is the flexibility thing again–if “her” turn pops up when she has a meeting to cover, it’s less practical to demand adherence to the plan. But then tallying things feels like bean-counting & I end up feeling like a jerk.

          • at least you have flexibility and leave. I don’t have either (burned it all for “maternity leave”). My husband has TONS of leave and comp time. What is he saving it for? A vacation with his secret family?

          • Yikes. Very true, of course. I’m grateful for the flexibility and leave–just worry about long term consequences of overusing them.
            Sounds like you’ve got a very different problem. I remember you saying the other day that your husband is on the spectrum & it’s easier to stick to pre-defined tasks. Is that why the extra childcare duties fall to you? Has he refused to help out with sick days, etc?

        • jindc, you really need to step up and speak with your husband. From your post these past couple of days, it seems you are a bit overwhelmed and things are a bit one sided.

          • +1. He especially needs to step up where his mother is concerned and tell her that it’s not convenient for her to visit more than once a month (or once every two months, or whatever you decide to set the limit at).
            And on the cleaning/housekeeping side of things, if he’s not interested in doing any of it himself, then maybe it’s time for a paid cleaner so that the work doesn’t fall completely to you.

          • my husband is on the asburgers spectrum, so it’s a little difficult. He has a list of things he needs to do every day and does them, but cleaning and cooking aren’t on them because, honestly, it’s easier to do them myself. His expectations/standards are different than mine.

            The “default parent” thing is a different issue. His job is more of a career with a higher earning potential. He has more flexibility (can telework, for example), but he doesn’t want to abuse it. He doesn’t REFUSE to take sick days, but even though his job is more flexible, it has a higher earning potential and that’s important. I agree with him that you don’t want to be the guy at work always taking off for your kid – it sucks, but it’s reality. His career, as it currently stands, is more important than mine.

            I think this is a very common problem for 2 WOH parent households – someone eventually ends up defaulting.

          • …and his list of “chores”, he does them well and without complaint. He just is the type of person who would let the bathroom go uncleaned for months and not notice. He wouldn’t notice it’s time for a hair cut. Or laundry. But he does his list, and it’s worked OK so far.

          • +1. You don’t earn any points for suffering in silence. Bring it up now; if resentment festers for too long you may not be open to a joint “solution” and might see anything other than “your way” as unacceptable. Give him a chance to be part of the fix. (Assuming you’re not already past this point. If so, try to back up to this point and try again?)

          • SFT

            All of this is tough. If at some point you can afford house cleaners it will be worth every damn penny. We just started getting our place cleaned every 3 weeks and it has helped to restore my sanity. Even just taking 1 thing off of your plate is huge!

          • So true on the cleaning. That used to be my job too – but I couldn’t do it in addition to cooking & baby. So we started outsourcing it. Had to talk my wife into it, but I am SO GLAD to not need to worry about more than tidying and spot cleaning.

    • Interesting post. My husband is an academic and I work for a big corporation, so naturally he is the default person to “do things” because he has more flexibility (like taking care of our dog during the week or staying home for deliveries, repairs, etc). But as you mentioned, just because you have flexibility, doesn’t mean you don’t have to work. And he also makes more money than I do (I hope not for long haha). The way I compensate is by doing more things on the weekend, like cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping, so he can focus on his research then. Perhaps you should tell your wife that you would like to dedicate a few hours to your research during the weekend, and if she wouldn’t mind picking up some of the tasks. It works for us, perhaps it might help you. Just out of curiosity, are you an economist?

      • Lol, I am indeed an economist. I also do the grocery shopping/cooking (my wife does the laundry). That might not be a bad idea, though, at least for every other weekend or something. I’ve been using some of the down-time during naps or swim class (wife does class with kiddo) to exercise, which I’m trying to get better about doing, but some dedicated work time is a good idea too. Thanks!

        • haha I could tell! My husband is an economist and I used to be an econ RA before deciding against getting the PhD, so I have gotten good at spotting them ; ) One time I was reading an Amazon review and was thinking “this is a really good review, this guy must be an economist.” Sure enough, I clicked on his name (he was a top reviewer) and he was an economics professor at some liberal arts college. So funny.

          But anyways, good luck optimizing!

        • Oh and on the cooking, you should take turns. Cooking every day is a lot of work!

          • Oh, I absolutely don’t cook every day. I do all the cooking on weekends. It’s my time in front of the TV – I make a couple of big meals that get reheated throughout the week and prep things for lunches. I enjoy cooking so I don’t mind doing it (plus, as mentioned, the TV time :)). But again, perhaps I should surrender some of that occasionally as well. It can just be a bit difficult to decide when I “need” to do work on weekends, since I don’t have that type of deadlines most of the time.

          • I wanna know what Mtpresident makes on sundays for the week – I REALLY need to get on that vs. scrambling at 7:30pm

          • It varies! This week it was a quick-version of a bolognese sauce with pasta and a pasta dish with pumpkin, spinach, mushrooms, and sausage. I also do various types of risotto, a moroccan dish with chickpeas, apricots, spinach and other seasoning, chili, pasta & meatballs, meatloaf (in the crock pot with potatoes!), goulash, turkey/cheese/rice casserole… basically mostly the same types of things that I used to cook but different timing. I got into cooking when I was in a five-person house and we rotated cooking duties, so I’m used to cooking larger portions.
            My parents got me a great cookbook: Make Ahead Healthy Meals (or something along those lines–let me know if you can’t find it). It’s great. Has lots of freezing instructions if you want to freeze portions and the recipes are large & keep well. We’ve added a number of those recipes into the rotation & love them. I also use a number of recipes from Betty Crocker, Rachel Ray, and Ina Garten (my risotto recipes are generally hers).

          • PS – switching to weekend cooking was totally a game changer and made life SO much easier. I hope it works well for you too!

          • Another major time saver for me is following Mark Bittman’s advice to always have some cooked grains in the freezer – especially brown rice (nobody has time to cook brown rice during the week) but also barley or whatever grains you eat. Then you can throw together a quick stir fry or whatever, but not have to wait around for the rice or deal with the extra pots.
            I also do a lot of cooking after dinner, for the next day. This is when I tend to do my chopping, baking cornbread (or at least measuring out the dry ingredients), making rice if I don’t have enough in the freezer, etc. If I have to do those things before dinner, when I’m hungry, I would just eat cheese and crackers every night.

          • Emmaleigh504

            +1000 billion million on weekend cooking. I’m just a singleton and I’d cold cereal out of the box for every meal if I didn’t cook big meals and freeze them for weeknights/lunches. I love 1 pot meals b/c it’s easy clean up & heat-up: gumbo, jambalaya, soup, funeral potatoes, casseroles… Any time I cook anything homemade I make a family sized portion and then freeze individual servings for later. Sometimes I’m lazy and don’t label the servings. Then I get to play mystery meal 🙂

          • Great tips on weekend meals, thanks for sharing!

            And I’m the same way, enjoy cooking and happily do it. Maybe give up the grocery shopping? Although my guess is that if you are the one cooking you probably don’t mind the grocery shopping…

          • Perhaps because I do it more often, it takes me half to two-thirds the time to grocery shopping than it often does for my better half. So I often do it in the name of efficiency. And it doesn’t bother me. I also know better what I’m looking for or how much of something I need in case I forget to write down specifics/quantities. But again–fair point 🙂
            I think the way to go might be some designated time to get work done on the weekend once or twice a month.

  • special_k

    Rave: Finally having my carpet professionally cleaned. I’m hoping for good results.
    Gotta laugh: Professional carpet cleaning makes a lot of noise. I’m holed up in the bedroom with two cats, one of whom is merely curious, while the other is all, “It’s the end of the world! Where do I go?! What do I do?!”
    Rant: Had to move a lot of furniture and stuff for the carpets to be cleaned and realized (again) I have too many things.
    Rave: New Year’s resolution: simplify!

    • just laughed out loud to your cat comment! I was getting my house painted and was locked in the master bedroom with my two cats and they acted the exact same way, hilarious.

  • Rant: When are the politicians going to remove their election signs? Cantania seems to be the biggest offender in Ward 6, and his signs are posted too high for me to remove.
    Rave: the sun is shining, and Rumsey pool had hot water in the showers today.

    • palisades

      The only ones still standing in my part of town are Faith posters. I enjoy their quirkyness, so I don’t even care.

  • Allison

    Rant: I’ve been editing the same document for three hours now. It was written by a former co-worker and released in draft form, and now everyone assumes I wrote it (because I’m the new point of contact for this project,) but I really don’t like the way it was written. So, I’m going to do my darndest to make sure the final draft is polished to my liking. The unfortunate thing is the final draft may never be released, so I might just be stuck with my coworkers thinking that was my work.
    Rave: Doing fun Christmasy things with husband this weekend, and hopefully getting outside for some much needed sun time on Sunday!

  • Realized that I made a fairly big mistake on a project at work and have to a)figure out the magnitude of the problem and b) come clean about it today. Totally sucks. I wasn’t the only one who made the error, but I should have caught it.

  • Rant: Managing an estate. It is hell on earth.

    • Accountering

      Can totally empathize. I had to deal with that this spring, and to me it was tough, because there was no estate, just cleaning up debts, and trying to help the remaining spouse sort out the pieces and figure out what she is going to do as far living arrangements. Deceased was still working and earning SS, and surviving spouse is under 65 so deceased SS went away, and the mortgage was no longer remotely affordable. Keep your head up, you will get through this!

    • Blithe

      Yes, it is. And even more so if you’re not an i – dotting, t-crossing kind of person. My coping strategy has been to frequently mutter things that I really don’t believe like: “If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.”

    • Blithe

      Yes, it is. And even more so if you’re not an i – dotting, t-crossing kind of person. My coping strategy has been to frequently mutter things that I really don’t believe like: “If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.”

    • I can definitely sympathize. My sibling died suddenly this fall and sorting out the estate has been a nightmare. So many papers to sort through, so few that clarify his wishes or are official enough to make things easier to administer. Hang in there!

    • So sorry LP – I’m here for you (even though im never actually there)
      I have a cork in my bag from this trip for my AP collection!

  • Rave: Spin this morning. I love the Friday morning teacher.
    Rant: Spin this morning. I hurt. Everywhere.
    Rave/Rant: I’m going home for part of the weekend to see one set of my parents and spend time with some college friends. It is a whirlwind, less than 36 hour visit to DE because I have to be back in DC for holiday parties on Saturday night. Sometimes, I think the crush of the holiday season might kill me. I just have to hang on until Christmas.
    Rant: Racism. It makes me so angry.

      • At the Anthony Bowen YMCA. I gave up on studios and just joined the gym last year after calculating how much money I was spending each month on barre, spin, and yoga. The Y just became the economical option. And Francella’s spin class is the best.

        • I wonder if Artemis, Formerlybagelboy, and I Don’t Get It have ever (unknowingly) crossed paths at the Y.

          • I Dont Get It

            Doubtful unless either stops by my living room on their way.

          • Anonynon

            I haven’t canceled my gym at the Y….I am mostly a running. You will see me rocking 3/4 length tights and my orange nikes. Hard to miss! Do they offer spinning classes or do you just use the bikes up at the front and do your own thing? If so i have probably seen you…not to be creepy but theres not that many people who use the bikes, and I’m there pretty regularly.

          • I have wondered the same thing. Part of me almost hopes not; I am such an antisocial zombie in the morning.

          • There’s a spin room tucked in the back of the gym (past the large exercise room). I do the classes. I’m lazy by my nature and definitely don’t push myself nearly as hard when I am working out on my own. Classes help me in that regard.

          • IDGI, if you’re no longer attending the AB Y, who’s going to enforce the Bro Code??

  • RAVE: Taylor Swift tickets on the way!

    • My wife got tickets for her and my daughter for Christmas – they’re going with 2 friends. She asked if I wanted to go with them – um, not unless I have to. But I’m regretting it now because it’s a mortal lock that it will be my daughter’s favorite Christmas present – chocolate making class with Daddy will be a distant second. I just have to be secure in the knowledge that whatever my regrets on Christmas morning, six months from now when it’s time to go to the concert I’ll be thrilled to be off the hook.

      • Accountering

        and you didn’t waste a lot of money on something you have no interest in! Sounds like you should treat yourself to a Nats game with friends that evening! 🙂

        • Excellent idea. That would absolutely be my plan for that evening – but the Nats are away, and the concert is at Nats Park. So, drinking with friends it is!

      • My dad was the designated parent at New Kids on the Block years ago (Yeah, I’m old). I owe him much liquor. Still.

        • HAHAHA so was mine! Funny thing is, I didn’t even WANT tickets, but they were popular so my parents assumed (but then they recoverd by getting me Nirvana tickets). My dad was SO pissed he had to go to NKOTB lol

    • Anonynon

      i tried to get into the taylor swift thing…started following her on instagram but she pissed me off after a week.

  • Rave: job interview with a large company doing what I currently do.
    Rant: the pay issue. Last time I had an interview in a similar role, they brought me in for 4 interviews and at the last one, asked me what I currently earned. I have 10 years of experience, I don’t know why they think someone with my professional and academic experience would take that job for $50k. It seems like a LOT of the DC recovery is about low balling people.
    Rave: I’m not desperate. I like what I do (just not where I do it), so I am in no rush….and the ultimate goal is to be out of DC. This company has a strong presence where we’re going to go. So that’s a plus.

    • I have been in this same situation over the past year…quite a few interviews where they were asking me to take about a 20k pay cut. It’s really frustrating and one of the reasons I haven’t left my current job.

      • What I want to know is this: Do they really expect someone with 10 years experience (really, in DC, no matter the field) to make $50k? Alternatively, why would you look at a resume of someone with that much experience and then bring up compensation at the end if you think it might be an issue?

        • I know…those are my thoughts too. I am like do you know how expensive DC is? I don’t have quite 10 years experience, but around 7 and I think I make good money, but not a ton! Luckily, the compensation for mine have pretty much all been brought up in the beginning and I decided not to continue because of it. One actually came back and said they were willing to pay me more/what I make, but in the end I decided it wasn’t the right fit.

          • My favorite is how they want someone who will be there awhile….on $50k. Anyone in DC making that starts the job looking for a job that pays better.

            I’m glad I’m not the only one this is happening to. I think this low balling is a factor of the new economy – they think people are desperate. My resume illustrates the opposite.

  • Rant: After weeks of trying to get a response from Starbucks after they found my Nana’s gold bracelet, put it away for safekeeping and them promptly “lost it”, they finally responded saying they interviewed everyone and looked at videos and have no idea how it disappeared (but they confirm they had it). So they’ve said they’re going to pay me. I’ll probably take the money and donate it to Alzheimer’s Research since the real value was sentimental.

    Rave: Santa brought me a new vacuum cleaner and it’s divine! I vacuumed the whole apartment last night just because.

    Rave: Lunch with my mentor today (hopefully she can help me out of my job search funk) and then many great friends to visit with this weekend.

    • I’m glad you got at least SOME resolution in an otherwise very unfortunate situation 🙁

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m so sorry you won’t get your bracelet back. It’s nice of Starbucks to compensate you, and even nicer of you to donate it. Alzheimer’s research is one of my pet causes*, so it makes me really happy that you want to donate. Thank you!
      * Yes, care about causes that aren’t rhinos related 🙂

      • Thanks – my Nana passed away after suffering from Alzheimer’s for 6 years so it’s really important to me as well. The kicker was that I lost her bracelet on her would-have-been 90th birthday. I’m glad Starbucks is doing something but it shouldn’t have taken them weeks after I filed a police report to interview their employees!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Dollar Shave Club!
    Rant: Didn’t check My Holiday Village® last night so I probably missed something but this morning Cressida and Huxley were rolling a snowball to and fro. Rev Dr Dries Knutsson presented newly sober Axe, Cressida’s father, with a crown made of Lingonberry branches and candles for the depressed Cressida to wear in the village’s December 13 Santka Lucia pageant. In the past few years only the Strand girls, Luna and Raina and the Karlstadt twins have been selected for the coveted role of Santka Lucia at the festival. Juniper made a call on Elias Martinsson’s parent to give them one of her famous ostkakas for Elias’s wake and learns the shocking news that Elias’s body has yet to be found!
    Rave: Mayoress Kjøttboller cut the ceremonial ribbon to re-open the refurbished tavern with code-complaint chimney and a new lactation pop-up. Widow Strand is told to leave her window shades completely down. Farron Vinter gets a job as a lamplighter. The Hemnes family arrives by train after a visit to Stockholm just in time for the festivities.

  • RAVE/Thank you!: A few weeks ago, someone (sorry – can’t remember who) recommended Jessica Del Vechhio photography. We just got our proofs back from her, and WOW – they’re gorgeous, and just what I wanted. Thanks POPville crowdsourcing!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Not Really a Rant: Didn’t get the job I interviewed for last week. I could tell coming out of the interview that I was not what they’re looking for, which is fine. As my boss points out, at our place it’s more about sending a signal than any one specific position (which is how I got my last promotion).
    Rave: Working at home day.
    Rave: The end of the big project is in sight, and then I don’t have to deal with it again for 3 years.

  • epric002

    forgotten share: tonight there will be a vigil for justice along 16th street from the white house to silver spring. there is some info here http://washingtonpeacecenter.org/node/13672 thought most of it appears to be on their facebook page of the same name.

  • Question: My mom is coming into town today. We’ve got plans to see the Nutcracker tonight and lay wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery tomorrow – what can we do on Saturday afternoon/evening that’s Christmas-y?

    • epric002

      ice skating at the sculpture garden and/or zoolights!

    • skj84

      DAR Constitution Hall has a Christmas Concert at 3 and 8. It’s free, but tickets are required. Or you could take her to Parcel Holiday Market at Canal Park. It’s a weekend long holiday market run by Yards Park and feature art instillation’s, retail, music and food.

    • You should check out Eastern Market – great way to spend a Saturday afternoon! They also have a bunch of great restaurants for dinner.

    • Ice skating in Georgetown harbor, and walk around to check out the light sculptures scattered around Gtown (google GLOW Georgetown for more info).

    • I haven’t actually been to one myself, but I understand the “Season’s Greenings” holiday-themed (?) exhibitions at the U.S. Botanic Garden are popular.

      • +1 – I took my grandmother to the exhibitions at the U.S. Botanic Garden last Christmas and she loved it. Also, they keep it warm in there because of all the plants so it feels nice and toasty.

  • skj84

    Rave: My sister is going to be in town for NYE!!! I haven’t spent New Years with her in almost a decade. I need to find something fun to do. Anyone know of good parties?

    Rant: One of the interns in my office seems to have lost his damn mind. The same guy who freaked out about the cookies, cussed out a coworker who dared to remind him to clean up after himself. Intern was doing maintenance around the office, moved a lot of our equipment around and didn’t put things back. Of course this delayed the sales staff in setting up since we had to re-hook up our phones and everything. This kid needs to go. ASAP.

  • Rant: I never thought I would say this, but I am really sick of shopping. Between Christmas shopping and trying to find a dress for our holiday party, I am completely over it.
    Rave: While shopping for other people has been a drag, I’ve been finding a lot of stuff for myself. Two for you and one for me…

    • epric002

      rent the runway for your dress?

      • @epric002: I need to make an appointment for the Gtown store. Hopefully there will be something left by the time I get there. I don;t have a good idea of what I want to wear, and none of the style I’ve seen have been particularly inspiring or affordable.

        @Abraxas and SKT: It is so bad, and it’s been going on since Black Friday. Yes, I’ve gotten some great stuff and great deals on almost all of it. But I have spent more than enough and I need to cut myself off after I find the dress.

    • haha I feel exactly the same. And have been shopping more like 3 for me, 1 or none for you!

      • I’ve been doing this too! I’m nowhere near done with my Christmas shopping for other people but my closet is looking mighty fine these days. 😀

        • I’m also guilty…..I’m looking forward to new wardrobe pieces! It’s not OUR fault that there are really great sales on things we like at this time of year!

    • Now imagine what this season is like for those of us who already dislike shopping anyway…..

    • Emmaleigh504

      I have saved so much money since I decided cash was the cool gift for the teens in my life! I only bought 1 gift for me while shopping for my other loved ones….though I may buy something else I saw. Trying to say no.

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Finding a lot of great music recently (thanks spotify, indieshuffle, and soundcloud).
    Rave: After finally giving up on online dating, someone ‘offline’ has come into my life. Amazing timing. And she’s not in grad school ++++++
    Rant: Comcast has blown me off twice this week to come check out our internet connection.

  • Rave: Three orchids getting ready to bloom
    Rant/rave: Up waaaay too late last night and paying the price this morning
    Rave: Pup lets me sleep as late as I want

  • Rave: Our annual holiday party is tomorrow, one of my favorite days of the year.
    Rave: Pope Francis says “all dogs go to heaven.” Regardless of your views on the afterlife, can we agree that if it exists that it will be much better with our animal friends there too?!
    Rant: In his earthly state, my dog is quite filthy and needs a bath before above mentioned holiday party!

  • RANT: Washington Examiner has some kind of vendetta against my organization, publishing 2 articles in the last month that rip us to shreds. On top of the articles not being terribly accurate, we are actually on the extremely compliant side when compared to our for-profit competitors – if the Examiner wants dirt I can suggest they look into any number of other companies and they’d come up with much more salacious information than “they hired former USG staff.” Makes me wonder if someone put them up to it, who it was, and why.

    • The Examiner is pretty awful for many reasons. My wife used to work for them, and by 8 months in, she was sick every morning before going to work because it was such a stressful & toxic environment. I wouldn’t doubt that there’s some kind of agenda there.

      • After the first article the theory was that a competitor was behind it. Now it seems more likely that it’s a former disgruntled employee. While I agree that it’s a shoddy publication (proven by the piss poor research they did for these articles), people overseas don’t necessarily know that, and it’s getting around to countries where we work.

  • I Dont Get It

    Bonus Rave: The Holiday season! Deciding to give presents to children only has been a real game changer. I’m not stressed out and I’m able to enjoy the season. Plus buying for kids is a lot of fun—who knew “Frozen” was such a retail juggernaut?

  • Rant: Somebody took the UPS missed delivery notice off our door and then put it back after we received a package from UPS, making us believe that we had missed an additional package delivery, when really the missed delivery notice was for the package that we had already received. Seems like a rather convoluted way to mess with us or a neighbor with misplaced intentions.

  • RANT: There’s a rather elderly woman in my building, and I seriously question if she should be driving. She can take upwards of twenty minutes to parallel park her car, and I can’t imagine her stimulus response on the roads of the District is very sharp. I noticed last night that her car was almost diagonal in its present parking space, partly in the road. The driver side front wheel was flat; it could be an act of God, but it could also be someone did that to her car purposefully in order to hinder her ability to be a nuisance to the people of the city.

    RAVE: I have a great weekend lined up; painting in the studio all night Friday, schmoozing at gallery openings and open studios all afternoon and evening, and then going to an opening in Fairfax featuring a few of my pieces. A wonderful woman was to accompany me for parts of this 100+ mile odyssey through Maryland, DC and Virginia, but now she’s ill. We are only at once-a-month hang-outs at this point.

  • Rant: worked all well feeling super sick
    Rave: got to go home at a decent hour today

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