I was wondering why the “Bike Racks will be out of service” outside the Woodley Park Metro



“On January 5, Metro contractors will begin a major capital project to install six new escalators at Woodley Park Station. The project is part of Metro’s plan to replace more than 130 of the system’s oldest escalators to improve reliability.

With a vertical rise of 102 feet, the entrance escalators at Woodley Park are the longest in the District of Columbia and the third longest on the Metrorail system (behind Wheaton and Bethesda). The current escalators entered service when the station opened in 1981.

Woodley Park Station’s entrance is served by a total of six escalators, three short units and three long units.

During the project, Metro’s contractor, KONE, will take two escalators out of service at a time – one short and one long. Each pair of escalators will require approximately 46 weeks for preparation, demolition and removal of the existing escalators, construction work, installation of the new escalators, testing and inspections.

The remaining four escalators will remain available for customer use.”


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  • Likely the same reason half a block gets papered with no parking signs when a Pepco contractor needs to dig in one yard.

  • Have always wondered-why does escalator work take SO LONG?! Seems crazy! Can anyone elaborate?

    • I’ve read a few discussions of this on the Bethesda escalator project. In a nutshell, it’s largely because of the requirement to keep two other sets operating. Major rigging/lifting generally can’t be done while the station is in use. If they could completely shut down the entire escalator shaft for a couple/few months and work on all of them concurrently, the project would be less complicated and faster.

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