ANOTHER Shooting (Homicide) in Upper Petworth just after 6pm


A reader sends the photo above and writes:

“Around 6:05 pm tonight I heard 6-10 shots ring out down the street. Turns out someone got shot near the Chinese restaurant on the corner of Georgia Avenue and Delafield Place in upper Petworth.”

From MPD:

“On 12/23/14 around 6:00 PM police responded to a call for the sounds of gunshots. The victim was located suffering from gunshot wounds. Emergency medical personnel attempted to resuscitate the victim but he succumbed to his injuries Homicide detectives are investigating the case.”

Update from MPD:

“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch are investigating a homicide which occurred in the 900 block of Delafield Place, Northwest.

On Tuesday, December 23, 2014, at approximately 6:07 pm, officers from the Fourth District responded to a call for a shooting in the 900 block of Delafield Place, NW. Upon arrival, they located an adult male unconscious, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services personnel responded and determined there were no signs of life. The decedent was transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for the District of Columbia where an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause and manner of death.

The decedent has been identified as 21-year-old Daniel Joseph Hinton, of Northwest, Washington, DC.

The Metropolitan Police Department currently offers a reward of up to $25,000 to anyone that provides information which leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons wanted for any homicide committed in the District of Columbia. Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the police at (202) 727-9099. Additionally, anonymous information may be submitted to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.”

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  • This is BS and completely unacceptable! At 6pm really?!

  • Good gravy! What is going on??

  • west_egg

    BREAKING: Statement from CM Bowser’s office on Petworth crime wave:

    • At last week’s meeting, Bowser’s rep was disputing that there was an “uptick” in violence in Petworth so it’s tough to believe her office is taking it seriously. Recognizing the problem is the first step toward addressing it.

      • Bowser’s person said she hated the word “uptick”. Yah, well I hate not feeling safe. Geezus. Bowser and MPD need to do something. Now.

  • A number of recent shootings up there and by the metro. I’m no Lenny Briscoe, but those things might be related.

    • At last week’s community meeting with the Fourth District Police Officers and Bowser’s rep, they indicated that the shooting at the metro and the shootings that happened on Quincy days before were probably not related. Who knows about the recent shootings in North Petworth/Brightwwod over these past few days. And it’s unlikely that we’ll ever know. I understand that the police can’t reveal too much and sacrifice ongoing investigation but after last week’s meeting I have little confidence that this city’s leadership knows how to handle all this. The info/advice that Bowser’s rep provided sounded like borderline victim blaming. The overall situation is sad and disappointing.

      • Also – to be fair – Bowser sent a message out to the Petworth community listserve at 7:15pm.
        Dear Neighbors:

        At approximately 6:00pm, officers from MPD responded to the sounds of gunshots in the 900 block of Delafield Place, N.W. Upon arrival, officers found an unidentified subject suffering from gunshot wounds inside a vehicle. The subject eventually succumbed to injuries on the scene. Homicide detectives remain on site conducting an investigation.

        This incident has occurred despite MPD’s best efforts to deploy additional resources to the area given recent crime. I will continue to monitor these reports and work with Chief Lanier and Commander Manlapaz on next steps to keep our neighborhood safe.

        I spoke to Commander Manlapaz a few moments ago and he will keep everyone informed as this investigation progresses.

        But at last week’s mtg the MPD contradicted Bowser’s statement “best efforts to deploy additional resources to the area given recent crime.” Last week MPD said that additional cops ie “resources” were not coming to our area after another resident asked that question.

        • Do you have any notes from this meeting. People have been repeatedly asking for them on a different Petworth list serv. How many shootings now has this been in the past month? 6? More? Less? It’s getting really hard to say they aren’t related. I’ve never heard of this many incidents in the six years I’ve lived in this neighborhood. It doesn’t seem like much is being done to deal with and/or prevent these incidents. Also, the so-called phantom uptick in crime seems to have coincided with the nepaming of a new commander in 4D. Who knows if there’s a relationship there but I do wonder if the change of leadership structure is impacting the police response. Bowser and her office are alas useless as they always have been. Sooooo glad she was rewarded with being elected Mayor after the banner job she’s done in ignoring her Ward since she was elected council. I still can’t believe that people were dumb enough to vote for her

          • I was at the meeting last week and here’s a summary that I posted on another POP thread.
            Last week’s meeting was lame. MPD and Bowser’s rep Judi Gold danced around the real issues. Bowser’s rep suggested that citizens “be smart.” If you don’t want to get robbed and sexually assaulted — don’t walk alone in dark alleys, late at night; walk in groups. Don’t leave valuables in your car because uptick in crime starts with petty crime – like a string of car break-ins when thieves realize an area is vulnerable. This then invites more serious crime. The conversation was borderline victim blaming. No real info or insight was offered up.
            MDP couldn’t really offer anything because of ongoing investigations or because it would compromise their strategic planning efforts. We — citizens — were asked to help MPD and report suspicious activity by calling 911. MPD also mentioned how there’s not a lot of video surveillance out there. This explains why the video of the shooting by the Georgia Ave metro last week was so crappy. MPD also said it’s unlikely that DC has the “resources” to improve or increase video surveillance in areas where crime seems prevalent and it’s unlikely that police officers from other areas in the city – with less crime – will be dispatched to this area to assist in increased surveillance. Tho, MPD noted that there’s been an increase in police coverage sent to parts of Anacostia because they’re experiencing an even worse “uptick” in crime than our area.
            One citizen asked if MPD could have more cops on foot in the area, making real contact with residents instead of sitting in their cars with their heads turned down to their phones. To this MPD responded that citizens really should go out of their way to thank cops when we see them…because being a cop is hard and if they feel appreciated you better believe they’ll go out of their way to do a better job…completely glossing over the fact that it’s hard to thank cops when they don’t even make eye contact from their parked cars.
            In all, it was nice and much appreciated that the Fourth District Police Officers came out to the meeting during their scheduled time off and it was a nice effort for Bowser to send someone from her team – but I don’t think anything real got addressed. There was mention that they didn’t think the shootings at the Metro and the earlier ones on Quincy and the ones near Sherman Circle were connected but they didn’t give any reason why they thought that. On some level I guess maybe I was hoping to hear that they were connected, gang activity – that would at least give me some reassurance that it’s not random violet crimes. But no info was provided one way or the other. I found the meeting to be a disappointment in terms of reassurance that the police or this city’s leadership knows what’s going on and a plan to actively address the problem(s).

          • Thanks for posting this summary of last week’s meeting with MPD and Bowser. Was this the one at the Raymond Rec Center, or the meeting at 4D headquarters?

          • west_egg

            @textdoc: Raymond Rec. I was at the meeting as well and I completely agree with PetworthResident’s assessment.

  • It’s gotta be more than more police. Or increased patrols. Cops don’t get out of their cars anyway. They need a special task force like other cities. Cops, politicians, community leaders and faith based organizations. I’d like to see Bowser pull this together.

    • Good luck with that. Ward 4 got her exactly what she wanted, without having to lift a finger for the residents of the community. What makes you think being mayor will all of a sudden give her the impetus to improve the lives of her (former) war residents….so long suckers!

  • Gang related? That many shootings isn’t a coincidence.

  • The fact that Bowser touted a precipitous drop in crime in Ward 4 during her campaign is almost as big a crime as the current crime wave in the neighborhood. It’s out of control and nothing is being done about it. It’s a sad state of affairs when I can honestly say (having traveled the world), that the place I have felt the most unsafe on the entire planet is my block.

    • Did Bowser tout a drop in crime? I feel like she didn’t say anything about anything, kept her mouth shut and rested on the fact that she was the Dem candidate with endorsements from all the right people.

      • I believe her exact word was “plumetted” (from her site):

        “During Councilmember Bowser’s tenure, Ward 4’s population has grown, quality school choices and public spaces have increased, and hundreds of units of housing have been created. Dozens of new stores, restaurants, and small businesses have opened and violent crime has plummeted.”

        Yet if you use the very handy tool on the 4th District’s site to track crime ( it paints a different picture. In my neck of the woods, for instance, all crime has gone up. Except for arson, which remains level at zero incidents over Bowser’s tenure. So, in the immortal words of Bill Murray, “I’ve got that going for me”.

        I suppose it’s all water under the bridge at this point. Let’s just get someone in Ward 4 who is going to make a difference, not just use the seat as a stepping stone to becoming the next mayor…

        • Not sure if I’m glad to have seen the information on the site you linked. No arson and no sexual assault within 1500 ft of my house over the last year, BUT 9 auto thefts, 9 robberies, 2 assaults with gun and 1 homicide.
          Having lived in Petworth for 10 years, I’ve seen a few “upticks” and they’re always gang-related. The difference I see right now is in how much MPD wants to talk about that. When Fenty was mayor, Chief Lanier was the one who showed up at community meetings, giving pretty explicit information – with visual aids – and, while not talking about their strategy, at least letting the community know that there was one. I honestly don’t know what the deal is with Gray, but I do believe Bowser is going to make image a priority over action and will continue to pretend all is well as long as new commerce is coming in.

  • This is the same old yarn: A string of violent crimes, a “Dear Neighbors” message from CM Bowser talking about “coordinating w/ MPD” and “increasing patrols”, but with no discernible change on the street. I’m not placing blame on anyone’s doorstep here, but time and time again, this is the pattern and it’s a frustrating one that is testing the nerves and patience of everyone in the community. What’s more, we’ve lost multiple businesses on the block of Georgia around the corner from last night’s shooting due to increased crime/decreased foot traffic. Related? Maybe. I”m concerned that this situation will only going to get worse as the CM’s seat remains empty for the next 4 months… and we’ll see what happens with a freshman CM going into next summer and the inevitable crime “uptick” that goes along with it.

    I also see far too few officers walking the beat. I’ve always had really positive experiences with officers, the few times I’ve had face-to-face interactions with them. But again, those “out of the cruiser” instances are the exception, few and far between. Maybe we need a greater emphasis on community policing in the area, more foot/bike patrols. I”m not a policing expert, but I imagine this wouldn’t hurt. At a minimum, there is a real need for greater police visibility, if only for deterrence.

    Bottom line is that more needs to be done. And quickly.

  • something needs to be done about the drugs being sold in the area.

  • Bowser has been very busy with the soccer stadium deal.

    • west_egg

      I’m as big a critic of Bowser as you’ll find, but this is just not a fair assessment.
      She’s also been tied up travelling to California making pitches to the Olympic committee.

  • Yikes, those look like big slugs. Wonder if any of the ballistics match? MPD should report out on the caliber of the slugs found from all the recent shootings in the neighborhood.

    Curious, seems like this uptick started after the ferguson protests came to DC. Wonder if some visiting out of town thugs are shooting up the place? Of do we have some sort of gang initiation going on – shoot up a car and you’re in!

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