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  • i was hoping that it would tear down, it will look horrible finsihed too.

  • Agreed — how can you be excited. The only solution here is for this building to get pulled to the ground. This building is seriously an eyesore (the windows are essentially sized for ants not to mention the build is SQUARE) and its horrendous that DC cant do anything about it. I look forward to the first inspector looking at it and condemning it after this idiot pours more money into it.

    • That scenario would involve DCRA actually doing the jobs they’re paid to do, so likely won’t happen. DCRA has let this fester for years, continually issuing new permits, without enforcing any basic regulations.

  • +many for not good news. I really wanted it to be torn down. I would have preferred the inevitable glass and steel infill condos. Even if they finish it to the utmost perfection, it’ll be a tacky greco monstrosity dominating that block and sticking out like a giant sore arm (way bigger than a thumb).

  • Has anyone discussed thus with the ANC or Councilmember’s office?

    • I’ve tried, repeatedly. Graham told me smarmy lies the first time, then replied with a curt “It’s complicated” to a further inquiry. When I pointed out the inconsistencies in his story, he stopped responding.
      Morgan Corr (ANC1A) responded ONCE (after several “anyone there?” emails) with an “I’ll look into it” and then never followed up nor responded to my requests for information and involvement.
      (I swear I was nice and professional in all interactions. I’m just really angry about the way these two let down the neighborhood.)

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