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“Dear PoPville,

Hannah Graham is 18 years old and attends UVA, she was last seen 10 days ago and police have identified a person of interest. They are looking for him as he is currently on the run. His name is Jesse Matthew aka LJ, he is from Charlottesville, VA and he is driving a light blue Nissan Sentra tags VAC4575. He has connections in DC/MD/VA. I’ve attached the wanted poster as well as a picture of Hannah Graham. Please please please get this out, exposure is key at this point. I’m not affiliated with the family in any way but want to get the word out. Please help the entire DMV community in locating this child so we can help the police find him and the parents find Hannah.”


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  • While I really hope that she is doing well and will be found, what are the odds that she’s been kept hostage for the past 10 days? I can’t help but feel pessimistic about the possible outcomes.

  • You can also retweet this tweet from the Albemarle County Police. Any action, even if it seems futile, can be beneficial.


  • The suspect’s behavior doesn’t exactly lead me to believe he’s a mastermind with a lair. He turns himself into the police. Police somehow let him leave and in the process of doing so, the suspect leads them on a high speed chase and the police can’t catch him?

    Keystone Cops and not the brightest ‘person of interest’ all leads to awful heartache for her family.

    Just awful.

    • They allowed him to leave because he wasn’t under arrest. He walked out of the police station, got into a car and then started driving recklessly. He was never chased by the police. Please get your fact right before you post further.

      • He allegedly drove recklessly. I think it is telling they claim he was driving recklessly so much so as to warrant an arrest warrant, but did not in fact arrest him when they observed him doing so. It’s a farce to arrest him so they can question him on Hannah Graham. Anyone with any sense can see through that.

  • Very sad. Drinking and walking alone at night while female is a bad combination. It may not be fair, but that is reality. When I think of how this girl left a party by herself and ended up with a guy she likely would not socialize with under normal circumstances, it blows my mind. Totally preventable, but 18 year olds, especially under the influence, don’t have a lot of common sense in general. I’m hoping this story serves as a cautionary tale.

    • This is blaming the victim. The real cautionary tale is to not do terrible things to women.

      • Of course you shouldn/t blame the victim but as the mother of a young daugher this is my absolute worst nightmare. And I know I did a ton of stupid shit and its a miracle I am alive today. But why did her friends let her walk off alone? why was she hanging with this guy at 1am? So many questions. its horrible all around. The not knowing part is what will crush her parents and brother.

        • Why did the kidnapper have to kidnap her? Why won’t he let her go? What is wrong with him to make him act this way and what can we do to stop him and others like him?

          • What a useless bunch of questions and criticisms. No it’s not her fault she was kidnapped.

            Yes, it is her fault she was inebriated, and therefore suffered from impaired judgment, which may have played a role.

        • Ultimately, the real question is why did whoever hurt her (this guy, or whoever else) do it? Full stop. This is not her fault. This is not her friends’ fault. This is her attacker’s fault.

          The real, REAL question is why it’s not safe for women to live their lives, to go about our business, to walk on the street either in the daytime or at night, without being harassed, attacked, or worse.

          • This is not a perfect world, nor will it ever be. As long as humans exist, we will always have to fear something. Once you accept that reality, you can begin to use common sense and take care of yourself with the proper precautions. While we can have these academic conversations about why people do bad things, it doesn’t address the need for those of us grounded in reality to take care out there.

          • +100000000. And to the anonymous commenter at 11:38 who suggests that it is terrible for women to “be able to do whatever the hell they want when they want,” I’m not sure why this is such a big problem.

          • As a citizen my concern is with enforcement and with stopping the wrongdoer. As a PARENT its about safety. Period.

      • Do you caution a snake not to bite? No, you caution people not to get bit. There are bad people who will do bad things, your statement is not realistic. This person is hoping that this teaches people not to put themselves at risk, even if 100% of risk can’t be avoided.

        • Problem with this logic is a snake isn’t human and doesn’t have the reasoning skills we attribute to humans. So your analogy falls short here.

    • Seriously? Way to victim blame there, buddy. The fault is with the kidnapper, not with any woman who dares to leave her house, ever. Let’s save the concern-trolling.

    • Right. It’s totally her fault. Absolutely. Thank you for your wisdom.

    • Accountering

      Victim blaming is such a pathetic thing to do. You should seriously reassess, and ultimately should be ashamed of yourself.

      • I’m sure the popular opinion here is to accuse someone of victim blaming. That’s not what this is though. Nobody knows whether this girl was kidnapped or not. All that’s been posted here is pure speculation. We do know what events led up to her disappearance though, and that’s what the OP is pointing out. If anyone should be ashamed it’s those of you who jump to conclusions just because a man who happens to look different than her is a “person of interest”.

        • Accountering

          No, he is a person of interest because the police said he was. That was really awesome of you to jump in and call racism though… Congrats on that.

          • You forgot to say “I’m not racist, but…” before you all just accused him of kidnapping her when not even the police have said so much.

    • Guys, it is not “blaming the victim” – it is stating reality. It’s unfortunate that poor decisions were made that night- leaving friends, walking alone, drinking too much, etc. But even the police have used this opportunity to advise people to have a buddy when going out at night. This is just plain old common sense. Of course, the bad guy is the one to blame, but that won’t stop me from advising my fellow young women, younger cousins, and nieces to use caution when going out. This is indeed a cautionary tale even if it conflicts with your mindset that women should be able to do whatever the hell they want when they want.

      • Are you really under the impression that you’re saying anything that every woman alive hasn’t heard 5 Million times since birth? None of your warnings are new or distinctive, and all put the blame for this incident where it doesn’t belong.

        Hannah probably left the house that night because she was a young woman who had things to do. She probably went home alone because she had to go then and thought she could manage it, given that she’s an aduit and all. There was no way to foresee that she would cross paths with this psycho, so just STOP with the overprotective mom act already.

      • Do you also caution your fellow young men? To both not go out at night alone… or… to not attack women? As a cautionary tale that men should not be able to do whatever the hell they want when they want?

        • I am personally very careful about going out alone late at night, especially after drinking (not that I drink much) I was blessed to have a daughter but not a son, but I would like to think had I had a son I would certainly have cautioned him exactly as you have stated.

          • Bu then its likely that the perpertrator here did not have a concerned and enlightened father to teach him that respecting women is the real way to be a man. I am not sure how we solve that.

        • don’t be naive.
          men get jumped a lot. and beaten fiercely. its very important to be very cautious walking in some places late at night. i am a man and was taught and warned to be very street smart.

          just because woman are lectured and taught things 5 million times does not mean that man aren’t either.

    • I agree. It takes 2 to tangle: bad people are always looking for a victim, we should all try not to be the victim. There is no perfect world and they will never be one. You can either use cautious and minimize your chance to be a victim or keep dreaming about a perfect worlds and hope for the best. Live and learn.

      • It surprises me how many women make this argument. A woman should have the right to have fun, drink and go out with friends and if for a few moments finds herself alone, should not have to be blamed for when someone takes advantage of his power over her, both physical and mental (in terms of her being drunk).

        Stop blaming her for doing what every 18 year old college student does. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time and someone ELSE took advantage of her. It is not her fault. And you should be ashamed and embarrassed for even alleging such.

  • Sorry, but this person says “They are looking for him as he is currently on the run”. My understanding from reading news this minute is that they are looking for him related to reckless driving. I don’t think he is “on the run”…somebody let me know if heard otherwise.

  • The reckless driving charges are trumped up to give the police a legitimate reason to pursue and arrest this guy so they can question him on the disappearance since he wasn’t going to cooperate anymore after they let him go the first time. I’m not opining on whether that strategy/technique is a good or bad thing. It’s just what they did.

  • LOL this has got to be some light hearted attempt to get the word Caucasian to show up in a crime report in DC.

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