The Source of that Stink Downtown?


Thanks to a reader for sending from 6th and Indiana Ave, NW:

“Major stinky steam plume coming from a spot on 6th Street that was dug out and covered with one of those metal plates. Sewage. Smelled like sewage.”

Could this be the source of that terrible smell folks have been noticing since May?

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  • I can see my office building.

  • I work a block away and did not notice any smell from the steam this morning (walked right by it this morning and when I went to lunch). I also have not experienced the smell people have been talking about at all this summer, so I tend to doubt this is the source.

  • How about the 3rd street tunnel? It smelled like the combo of a wharf and a landfill all last week. The smell was far worse than blue plains (I drive both area every day, so this is a direct comparison).

  • Awesome site, thank You !!

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