Dupont ANC Rep Arrested for Allegedly Using a Racial Slur and Attacking a Homeless Person

Thanks to a reader for passing on from CBS Washington:

“A leader of the District’s Dupont Circle neighborhood allegedly used a racial slur, threw personal items belonging to homeless people, and attacked his neighbor with a chemical substance during a bizarre early-morning rampage this week.

Witnesses say Robert Leo Dwyer, who was elected as an Advisory Neighborhood Commission representative in 2012, was “acting crazy” on the corner of 17th Street and Corcoran Street NW shortly before 3 a.m. on July 28.”

You can read the rest of this bizarre story and see the court papers here.

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  • seriously – time to disband the dysfunctional group of wannabe do-nothings.

    this is the 2nd assault by an ANC member in the last few months, the other taking place at AU.

    until these “lil mayors” are reminded REGULARLY that they have no power, this will continue to happen. but if DDOT and the other agencies continue to kowtow to someone who was “elected” with a whopping 20 votes, nothing will change.

  • wow, what a shitty person

  • Not at all surprised that someone on an ANC would do something like these.

  • I’m surprised they aren’t charging him with a hate crime. From the police report:
    “The complainant stated that Defendant Dwyer approached him and stated, ‘I’m sick of you f***ing n*****s’, swung the squirt bottle at him, and then sprayed the complainant’s person with the liquid substance. The complainant didn’t know what the liquid was but stated it had a chemical odor and was irritating the skin on his arms. This affiant and Detective King could see where the complainant’s skin was irritated. The DC Fire Department treated the complainant for irritated skin.”

  • Disband the ANCs and expand the Council. Double the number of wards and make them smaller. Councilmembers will be more responsive to a smaller pool of constituents, and we’ll no longer have the petty tyrannies that are the ANCs.

    • Yes! Let’s double the payroll of the council (don’t forget they get staff, too) in order to disband the volunteers! We can then lock up twice as many council members too!

      If you do not like your ANC vote them out. The election is every two years.

  • Do anc reps do this as a full time job or is it a part time job.

  • I’m really sad to hear this. If it’s the older homeless person I’m thinking of, he’s a very nice, polite man. I have seen and experienced some very aggressive panhandling and even harassment at that intersection, but even if that were the case (at 3AM??), this is inexcusable under any circumstances.

  • I’m trying to remember, but can’t quite recollect, wasn’t there a similar incident in Dupont Circle, just a few months ago? Someone else attacking a homeless person, and obviously either unbalanced or finally pushed over the edge?

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