Bloomingdale’s Long Awaited Wine (and cheese) Bar Now One Step Closer

1644 North Capitol St. NW

Thanks to a reader for passing on this report on Monday from the Bloomingdale blog:

“This evening, the Bloomingdale Civic Association voted to support the request by Lot 1644’s business owner, Teri Janine Quinn, for a liquor license.”

@Lot1644’s twitter page says:

“A wine & cheese bar opening in Bloomingdale – Washington, DC.”

Ed. Note: We first heard rumors of wine bar in the old borf building now popped up, back in 2011. Can’t believe it might actually happen soon!

Ed. Note 2: It’s humorous to note in the first rumored post we were still discussing the delayed opening at Engine Co. 12

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  • Wow, the link to the delayed opening of Engine Co. 12. That was from over three years ago! I hear the Washington Firehouse will open the first week in August. And Pub &the People also started construction this week too. Looks they are moving fast to get things underway. Good for them! With this wine bar it should really turn things around for that block of N Cap. I wish them all great success!

  • Is that building a pop up? Looks like it.

  • Optimistically, I think you can safely add a couple of weeks to whatever projected opening date set by the Firehouse folks.
    Regarding the Pub and the People spot, can’t wait for them to open! Love me some DC Reynolds.

  • This block will change the whole area around when all open, and will make the way for other businesses to come, looking forward to all three places. It will be very interesting to watch to see what (if anything) the usual Bloomingdale old guard party of 5 does in protest of this liquor license.

    • Don’t you know that “wine and cheese bar” is actually code for a nightclub that brings crime and loud patrons who will terrorize the neighborhood? By “wine” they mean Mad Dog 20/20 and by “cheese” they mean this:
      Mark my words, this will bring chaos to the neighborhood and must be stopped!

    • Considering that the owner is on the ANC herself, probably not much.

      • Yes — interesting how this business venture had NO problems sailing through civic associations, ANCs and permits. Funny how that would be.

        • Right… She is on the exec board of bca, an ANC member, involved with the main streets program ( which has been defunct for months under new leadership), and friends with at least 2 of the ringleaders of the little band of old guard nimbys on T st nw.

          Somehow her place has had no controversy. Shocked.

  • Actually, she is on the board of the ANC And the president of the BCA. No wonder it was passed through without a glitch. Such ridiculous handshaking. Absolutely no moral restrictions there at all no?

    • Recusing herself from any ANC action/vote relating to her bar would be sufficient, I think.

    • Don’t even ask about her treachery and dishonesty vis-a-vis the new McMillan development. Guess she didn’t want competition from any more qualified wine and cheese vendors. Rosebud.

    • If you research the meetings you can see she recused herself from both votes. God forbid someone who has a vested interest in her own neighborhood should want to develop it further by investing money to open a new business in an empty storefront. I have no connection with the business or owner but after seeing these comments from people who clearly don’t have the balls to do anything constructive and instead make petty snipes, I’m inclined to support this business as much as I can.

    • Actually, Anonymous, ANCs don’t sit on a board – they are commissioners (read upaid volunteers) who attend a bunch of meetings and listen to a bunch of silliness. Likewise, there is no bar to an ANC opening or running a business in the community in which they live. The DC Code lays it out.

    • What moral restrictions? That would only come into play if she voted to deny someone else the rights to a wine and cheese bar and then went ahead and approved her own plan afterwards. As far as I am aware, this was not the case. As far as political handshaking goes, here’s something that will totally blow your mind: the US government.

  • Between the Pubs for the People, firehouse, or wine & cheese I wish something would open. I feel like it’s a snails race and when the snails near the finish line they get confused and start twirling.

    • I think Meats & Foods might be opening pretty soon.

      • I hope so! Still haven’t heard an update besides “soon” from them. Really looking forward to them being a part of the neighborhood.

        • seriously, what’s the story with them? i thought they were on track to open a few months ago.

          • the fact that its so simple for her to walk through theses meetings unscathed while other business owners are dragged through the mud is the issue. What has Diton or the Boundary boys done to have their businesses targeted by the s street group? Im certain you wont see a protest from them on this one.

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