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  • That’s awesome, reminds me of the great one at Banker’s Hill in San Diego.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone eaten here? Any good?

    • I had a wonderful dining experience last month. We had an early reservation (6:30PM) and they gave us complimentary champagne for a loving note I put in our OpenTable reservation. The service was on point and the food was memorable for sure. I know everyone suggested Red Hen over Table that morning I asked on Popville (and I will be checking out Red Hen soon), but we had a lovely evening… so much so that my better half thought I was going to propose that night…

    • anon

      I’ve been once. I thought that some things were good, some things were meh. We got the tasting menu, which was OK. The standout from our visit was the dessert-some sort of Earl Grey cake with lemon curd. It was magical. The rest was kind of forgettable, IMO. I would go back for the dessert, but I don’t think I’d do dinner there again.

  • anon

    I walk by this everyday and, in person, it actually just looks like an arts and craft project gone awry. The coverage isn’t consistent, the plants look arbitrarily chosen and placed (scattered in a disorganized way), and the plastic boxes they are using as the base of the wall are not well covered and look really cheap. Good in theory, but not a great execution.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been there twice – food is excellent.

    The plants should grow over time to fill in the bare spots, as with any landscaping, I think.

    • That Man A

      i think they will
      either way it looks MUCH better than a dumpster right outside the front door

      • anon

        hopefully they do… they didn’t fill in last year

  • Cher

    It’s a full-on Monet. It’s like a painting, see? From far away, it’s okay, but up close it’s a big old mess.


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