Bahn Mi Patrol – Simply Bahn Mi Soft Opened in Georgetown March 14th

1624 Wisconsin Ave, NW

Could be a little hidden gem – it’s easy to miss the small space underneath Duo boutique in Georgetown. I was surprised to learn they opened up back in Nov. 2013 soft opened March 14th. Their website says:

“When you visit Simply Banh Mi, you’re in for a treat. Experience our authentic array of Vietnamese offerings, freshly baked baguettes, and mouthwatering smoothies. Our chefs base their recipes off of the famous author Diana My Tran of “The Vietnamese Cookbook” and “The Asian Diet” for their creative combinations of spices and sauces. Weekly menu specials offer unique flavors and pairings.

Our warm and charming atmosphere will instantly relax you while our attentive staff spoils you and focuses on providing the highest level of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.

Simply Banh Mi is the perfect destination for a quick authentic meal, whether a lunch for one or a catered event. We serve dinner 7 nights a week.”

You can see their menu here.


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  • I think this is the place whose sign said “Hungry? Thirsty? Bored? Curious? Come in and try our…”

    It gave me a chuckle. Boredom as marketing for food.

  • i’m john tran, one of the owners of simplybanhmi. i’m thrilled to see our humble little shop mentioned on your site! we actually soft opened march 14, 2014. these past few weeks have been a great learning experience for us. we’re anxiously awaiting our official grand opening which will be april 25 along side the French Market Festival in Georgetown. i encourage you and you’re readers/followers to come out and give us a try before during or after our grand opening. we will do our very best to NOT disappoint!

    @wdc, i’m so pleased you read and got a chuckle out of my sign! it’s hard to get noticed when you’re store is literally on the “down low”.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Oh March 14th – good I’m glad I’m not losing my mind!!

      • i’m no authority, but i’d give you a high sanity rating! come by and visit sometime. i hear the banh mi is excellent! ok, i’m a little biased.

    • Glad to see the shop opened – looking forward to giving it a try.
      Tip: Can you post your hours on your website? “Open for dinner” is a little vague, and I often stop and pick up my lunch in mid-morning so would be useful to know when you open.
      Thanks, and welcome to the neighborhood!

      • hmmm… there’s that learning curve again. seems a pretty obvious thing we’ve missed! for the record we are open 7 days a week 11am – 7pm. thanks for the tip! we’ll get that corrected on the site. thanks also for the warm welcome. we look forward to meeting you… who ever you are… anonymous.

        • Thanks for posting your hours!
          Also, make sure to let the Georgetown Metropolitan (georgetownmetropolitan dot com) know you’re open! He’s a booster of local businesses and often posts when new restaurants open, might help you get the word out to your new neighbors.

          • this is amazing. you guys have been so supportive! i will be contacting georgetown metropolitan. wish i knew who you were, but for what it’s worth come in and mention this article and we’ll comp a smoothie with your meal. i make a mean honeydew, mango, and soursop blend. also, our website is a little amateur looking, i know. i’m working on it!

  • Hey, that lemongrass beef was an awesome sandwich, but my favorite was the “Uncle Danger”. Nice kick to it and also pork free! Why hasn’t it been listed on the Menu yet?

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