Tipsy Peacock Coming to Pleasant Plains on Georgia Ave

2915 Georgia Avenue, NW

Another potentially awesome find from [email protected]:

“An LLC called “Tipsy Peacock” was registered on Valentine’s Day to 2915 Georgia Ave. NW. My curiosity is piqued.”

Though no info is available – Tipsy Peacock does have a website set up:


Tipsy Peacock will be located right next to Bravo Lounge at the corner of Georgia and Columbia Rd, NW. The property was a Good Deal or Not? post back in 2008. At that time the asking price was $549,999. More info on this phenomenally named new spot when it becomes available.

2917 Georgia Avenue, NW

Bravo Lounge is the spot that recently opened with the sweet happy hour:


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  • i was out in this area friday night and i couldn’t believe how many people were out an about. this area will absolutely blow up soon. glad to see a new place coming in.

  • andy

    Please don’t take this as Neighborhood Wars: Part 10,000 – where is Pleasant Plains in people’s thinking? Somewhere between Columbia Heights and Park View? I thought those were adjoining neighborhoods…. Again, not trying to fight with anyone, just an oldster looking for directions as I head toward the hot new bar pushing a stroller. Anyway – new place! Tremendous!

  • I am looking forward to another bar in the neighborhood!

  • Hehe, the landowners have been excavating the basement for months, under the guise of “making room for a home office.” I assume this will be some sort of basement speakeasy/cocktail place (I think the rest of the building isn’t conducive to opening a bar/restaurant). We live in spitting distance, so hopefully there will not be any noise issues. Fortunately the Bravo Lounge next door has been a good neighbor so far.

  • I’ll patronize just for the name, alone!

  • It is a good name. Kind of old school.

  • I am a few doors down. this renovation has been going on for what seems like a year. The plumbing/design is interesting. I think it will only have one bathroom and no room/venting for a kitchen.

    As for GDoN, maybe that price was a bit optimistic in 2008. The owner of 2915 paid $375K in 2012. The owner of 2917 (and Bravo lounge) paid about $425 K in April 2010 and I paid $310 K several months after he bought. The owner of lemon deli (3015 GA Ave) is asking $650K.

    Bravo is value add to the ‘hood, hopefully Tipsy Peacock will do the same!

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