Hill Country’s Backyard Barbecue coming back to the Building Museum starting May 1st, Plans for Similar Set Up near Nats Park Didn’t Work Out

401 F Street, NW

From a press release:

“Hill Country’s Backyard Barbecue will return to the National Building Museum’s West Lawn. The immensely popular outdoor experience will open Thursday, May 1 and run through Labor Day weekend. In addition to award-winning Texas-style barbecue and ice-cold Shiner beers, the Backyard Barbecue will offer live music from local and touring artists.

The Museum will again host a number of late nights so that visitors can enjoy barbecue and great summer programming inside the Great Hall.

Starting Thursday, May 1st, Hill Country’s Backyard Barbecue will be open Thursday through Saturday from 4–9 pm.”

Unfortunately I’m told plans for a similar set up near Nat Park didn’t work out.

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  • Re: Nats Park: They already have a Rocklands BBQ truck and picnic area at 1st and N. I have a hard time believing there’d be room, figuratively, for two.

    • The buildout for Willie’s Brew & Que is also progressing (finally) a block from the proposed HC location. We won’t be starving for BBQ down there soon.

  • Every time I see another Hill Country event posted I think, man, it’s a shame there’s no really good BBQ in this city.

  • I’m a fan. The backyard BBQ place seems to be a better deal than Hill Country itself. Their cornbread is awesome.

  • I liked the set up at the building museum, but I wish the quality of the barbecue was better. E.g. cubes of pure fat mixed in with the brisket. Ick.

  • Please, y’all. Step back and appreciate for a minute how spoiled you are. Not every morsel that enters your gilded gullet needs to be the very most perfect and delectable representative of its genre to ever exist. It is OK to eat some mediocre barbeque in an interesting setting on a beautiful day, and not feel cheated.
    I bet a lot of us grew up with ONE truly stand-out food item (for me, it was fresh corn). Here and now, we have access to pretty-darn-good versions of All The Things. Are they as good as back home (whichever home from whence they hail)? Naw. But am I really, really glad to have access to all of them, instead only what I was raised with (world’s best corn, one Pizza Hut, and one diner)? You betcher ass I am.

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