Washington, DC

Hill Country Home Stand_navy_yard
101 Tingey Street, SE

Back in May we heard that Hill Country could be popping up in Navy Yard. It’s looking more likely now as they’ve applied for a liquor license:

“Seasonal Outdoor Tavern at Tingey Plaza South East Federal Center serving barbecue food and beverages with Live Entertainment.”

Though officially Hill Country still says:

“No deal has been solidified to move forward with this opportunity. If we do proceed, we do not yet know whether it will happen this year or next season.”

Hill Country also recently kicked off their Backyard Barbecue on the west lawn of the National Building Museum. Anyone check that one out yet?

Rocklands BBQ also has an outdoor bbq area near the ball park and not far from the Hill Country Home Stand’s proposed location (pictured above.)

So, if you had to choose – which bbq do you like better – Rocklands or Hill Country?

Rocklands at 1st and N Streets, SE


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