Washington, DC


As of 10am Tues. morning the bid on the big Buddha is at $336.

From an email:

“I saw that you reviewed Buddha Bar back in the day and posted about the abrupt closing back in 2012 so I thought I would let you know that we are finally selling the contents of the building for the landlord at rasmus.com.

Everything is still in place at their 455 Massachusetts Ave NW location including the first item in the online auction – a giant 12 ft gold Buddha Statue that is classically representative of the buddha bar franchise. Check it out here.

We are selling all of their stuff from the front of the house like the ornate chandeliers and dining chairs that created that “upscale oriental” ambiance. We are also selling all of their kitchen equipment from rice warmers and wok pans to glassware, tea pots, and bar equipment.

People can go check everything out (and possibly contemplate how to get that giant buddha out the door) Thursday from 12-4 at the Mass Ave location. The online auction starts to close Friday, March 14, 2014 at 2:07pm.”


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