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Hill Country’s Backyard Barbecue Kicks Off at the West Lawn of the National Building Museum

by Prince Of Petworth — May 8, 2013 at 12:30 pm 13 Comments

401 F Street, NW

A few weeks ago we learned Hill Country’s Backyard BBQ was coming to the west lawn of the Building Museum at 4th and F St, NW. The BBQ operates Wednesday through Friday from 4–11 pm, Saturdays from Noon–11 pm and Sundays from Noon–9 pm. I was able to attend the kickoff last Friday. As a fan of the brick and mortar Hill Country located at 410 7th St, NW – I love this new outdoor option. For me, this is all about drinking cold beers and listening to live music outdoors (note – I believe the live music will only be Friday and Saturdays.) For those who work in the area this is going to be a phenomenal happy hour spot. Anyone else stop by yet?


Lots more photos after the jump.







  • Anonymous

    $8 and 9 dollar cocktails to sit in empty yard. No Thanks and good luck.

    • Anonymous

      Oh get over it. This city is full of $8 and $9 cocktails – at least it’s something different to do. Go drink your PBR six pack and sulk at home.

  • That Man A

    How is the food though?

    • Anonymous

      Their BBQ is just okay, nothing special. Way too much fake liquid smoke flavor, in my opinion.

  • Mike

    I went last Friday. Food was meh, but I didn’t have the bbq, so keep that in mind. I don’t mind $6 beers, but wish it were something better than Shiner Bock. It’s also pretty shady there in the evening, which I presume will be more welcome in the hot summer than in the cool spring.

  • Anonymous

    Is this just for one year or indefinite? That building is beautiful, so it’s a bit of shame that the ugly trailer is there. It’s nice to have the outdoor drinking/music option, but there’s enough of that in town without taking away what little green space is in the Chinatown area.

    • styglan1dc

      I totally agree. I mean, who want’s to walk a few blocks to the national mall for green space!


    • Anon

      That ugly trailer you speak of is an exhibit of an environmentally friendly modular classroom. Still not the most sightly thing next to the historic beauty of the Building Museum, but its a pretty cool idea.

  • styglan1dc

    Was waiting to see how the built the space out for this. It is going to be a total sh*tshow during after work happy hour periods.

    What is most disappointing is that they didn’t bother to build any shade into the plans. That is going to be a hot, hot, hot lawn to stand/sit in during July. This is the building museum – you would think that they would have a better handle on realistic use of space. And the creativity to make it comfortable.

  • Anonymous

    Meh, Hill Country’s food is bad enough at the restaurant. Imagine how much worse it will be on a lawn?

  • Anonymous

    I went last Friday and the lines were RIDICULOUS the only way that you would move in a line would be because someone in front of you was giving up on getting any food…. hope they fix this moving forward…

    • Anonymous

      “moving forward” heh


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