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  • Truly a loss. This mural, despite its commercial attachments, really fits with the history of the neighborhood, which is slowly getting erased by new development. They should have made some kind of effort to preserve it, or made a promise to repaint a similar mural nearby.

  • Does anyone know who they were? Must have been a pretty prominent family from the neighborhood, to have a beautiful mural like that painted to commemorate their family reunion!

    • The mural was sponsored by McDonalds. It’s likely that this was a stock photograph that the ad agency licensed.

  • Age old question:

    The mural says “Black Family Reunion”.

    Does it refer to a family whose last name is “Black” – ie John Black?

    Or is it referring to a family who happens to be of the black race?

    Sorry but I have always wondered this…
    McDonalds DC marketing of the early 90s….

    • I always wondered this as well and got a little chuckle out of it as I assumed it was referring to race in a city where it seems like people are often looking for one reason or another to be offended about something. However, the poster below (anon 10:35) points out it was referring to an event. Thanks for the insight- I had no idea such an event exists- the mural makes a lot more sense now!

  • The Black Family Reunion is an event in DC held every summer on the national mall hosted by National Council of Negro Women. As we all know McD’s has had a large investment in the black community. I believe it is in its 24th year which serves why this has 94 in the mural, I’m sure McDonalds was a sponsor. As I said its usually held during the summer but wouldn’t be surprised if they had one year in Sept. The BFR won’t take place this year given the renovations but its been going on….welcome to ‘new’ Chocolate City

  • Personally I’m torn — on one hand, people need to be accepting of the new DC, but on the other hand, I moved to this neighborhood for authenticity.

  • I’m sorry to see it go but I’m thinking about the pleasure some future generation will have, when the building goes down and the mural reappears.

  • I’ve lived around the corner from this mural for almost 15 years, and I’ve always loved it. I am sorry to see it get covered up. Thanks for highlighting this mural.

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