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Construction Set to Begin at 14th and Florida Ave, NW in former Latino Auto Sales Lot

by Prince Of Petworth March 26, 2013 at 4:00 pm 34 Comments


Dear PoPville,

Looks like Douglas Development and subcontractor McCullough Construction are close to breaking ground at 2221 14th Street NW, a 30-unit residential building with ground floor restaurant/retail at the corner of 14th & Florida, the former Latino Auto Sales lot. McCullough is the same group that brought us the Room & Board Building, so I have high hopes for the project. Douglas’ website says the building is going rental and will feature mostly one bedrooms and some studios.


From Douglas Development:

New construction of a 6 story building featuring ground level retail/restaurant with the upper 5 levels featuring 30 apartment units. The building will also feature under ground parking for residents, balconies and bay windows.

Construction is expected to begin in early 2013.

– 33,232 SF (2,792 SF retail)
– Acquired 2011; Redeveloped 2013-2014
– 6-story building
– 30 rental apartments
– 10 parking space below grade


Renderings via Douglas Development.


  • God these things are ugly…

  • 1) How can they cram that into that tiny space?

    2) Good lord, my commute down 14th is going to get even worse.

    3) Good riddance to that awkward McDonald’s mural, though.

    • Yeah, good riddance to another “awkward” Byron Pecks mural that highlighted the annual black family reunion….. which happened to be sponsored by McDonalds….lol how long have you been in DC?

      I miss the Frederick Douglass mural he did….but my all time favorite and first of his I saw was the macaw mural on columbia rd.

  • Anonymous

    Good riddance to that awful vacant lot. Bring on the density, even if it is ugly.

  • Anonymous

    I actually like the design…

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for these $3000/mo 1BR condos!

  • Anonymous

    I hope they shut down the sidewalk for a couple years like every other development down 14th St!

    We need more luxury condos in this city.

  • jcm

    That’s a tough break for the people who live in (Used-to-have-a) View 14.

  • That Man A

    Id like to see some better design

    these buildings are starting to look cookie cutter

    no bueno

  • Oh my god, SO UGLY. Seriously, why can’t people build in the Chicago school style? Or Art Deco? Or basically anything that predates 1900? You can do brick AND have a beautiful building!

  • crazz

    What about preserving the Black Family mural circa 1994 by MACDONALDS?!

    • Anonymous

      most of byron pecks murals are on removable panels, right?

  • Mahna Mahna

    Please indulge me as I poke fun at the advertising copy:

    “The building will also feature under ground parking for residents, balconies and bay windows.”

    Is “under ground” parking the same thing as underground parking? Whatever it is, why do the balconies and bay windows require it?

    Let’s hope they put more care and attention into the building. (I know we don’t correct grammar on POP, but let’s please have an exception for advertising copy. Thx.)

    • Anonymous

      even grounds need parking.

  • A drive around 14th shows the character and architectural diversity of the neighborhood being slowly obliterated by these slight-variation on a cookie-cutter ugly condo developments.

    Bring on the density! And oh, so much better than the crap that was there! False choices. The city should demand better — I have seen historic neighborhoods in other cities completely stamped out by greedy developers and city leaders who just want ugly, high-density residential development now.

    Every time, they managed to turn vibrant, emerging areas into the least-desirable neighborhoods imaginable. Welcome to New Clarendon 14th.

    • Anonymous


    • dno

      Yeah, this is fugly. Douglas seems to do a good job preserving older buildings, why not build a new one that someone might want to preserve someday? I’m all for density, but design is almost as important. 14th street is really lacking…

    • DCDC

      If it’s historic, make it a historic district, and you can control the look of changes to existing buildings as well as new construction.

      Outside of historic disrticts, buildings should reflect the era they are built in, as well as the uses needed at the time. (Is is any stranger to buld residential buildings in a 21st century contemporary style than it was to build auto showrooms in the styles of ancient Greece?)

      A city grows and changes; it renews itself over time. Preventing change is the best way to stifle a city’s dynamic life.

  • I don’t like the renderings but anything is better than that used car lot.

    • bullwinkle

      My sentiments exactly. On another note, does anyone know what’s the status of the renovation at the northwest corner of V and 14th? Seems like they’ve been working on it an awfully long time. It’s supposed to become a restaurant.

    • Anonymous

      thats how we got brutalism.

  • Anonymous

    The Board of Zoning Adjustment conditioned its approval for various relief on Douglas Development placing a mural on the south side wall (which will be windowless). The mural is required to be up until it is obscured by any new development on that lot next door.

  • TheAssistant

    I really do hope they’re able to fill these retail spots – View 14 and the new one across the street, whats-it-called, are still vacant.

    Mind you, Generic-Named-14th-Street is quite new, but still. Let’s bring on the businesses!


    A resident of 13th and Clifton

  • I do hope they relocate the art.


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