Some Serious Streetcar Security on H Street


The District has invested a lot in the coming soon one day streetcar program and since the first streetcar was delivered back in December there has apparently been a 24/7 security watch on the streetcar. Thanks to a reader for sending word.  It’s seems true, every time I’ve walked past it at 3rd and H St, NE by the Hopscotch bridge there has been a car and a driver patiently watching the streetcar.


Though if stolen the thieves couldn’t stray too far…


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  • What a mess this whole streetcar plan has been. It should’ve been rolling years ago. And since they haven’t made any sort of announcement about when it actually will be serving passengers, I guess we can assume that they ran into problems during the testing phase.

  • Those overhead power lines are so hideous. It is really unfortunate they did not go with the track powered system.

  • Looking forward to when the street between 4th Street NE and the top of the Hopscotch Bridge goes back to two lanes in each direction. Right now it narrows to one lane each way and causes a lot of congestion. The line of cabs waiting to get in to Union Station in the eastbound lane also doesn’t help. K Street NE continues to be all jacked up between 2nd NE and 1st NW so driving or taking the bus from H Street across town is a huge pain.

  • Seriously? 24/7 security? It’d be nice if the WP or some other investigative journalist group could see what kind of contract is paying for this oh-so-important “surveillance.” Reminds me of the good ole’ Barry days of useless patronage jobs.

  • That is one huge development going in there at 2nd. Didn’t realize the size until I drove by last weekend on the side of it.

  • and they’re just going to get stuck in traffic.

  • SusanRH

    Why were these not put in the middle two lanes? What is going to happen if someone double parks? It is going to be a traffic nightmare.

    • Presumably so people don’t get run over by cars once they get off the trolley.

    • Um, probably because they don’t want passengers getting on and off in the middle of the street.

      • That’s why you build streetcar stations to match, like a normal city with good planning. Having them in the right lane is going to be a total nightmare due to double parking.

        • SusanRH

          Exactly! Most cities have stations in the middle or the cars are in a median, so they are not blocking traffic. I can just see this being a complete nightmare! What if someone parks poorly and the streetcar can’t get buy. Why did they not eliminate parking if they were going to do this on the right side of the road?

  • Its not easy spending 80 million dollars per mile. Got to add in costs where possible.

  • I thought these were being kept in the greenbelt metro yard? This kind of security is a huge waste of money.

  • I’ve seen this guy in his car everyday for the past couple months hanging out playing on the phone. Would love to know who authorized this great use of resources

    • The car he’s in is part of the deal

    • justinbc

      I’m surprised he’s only playing on his phone. Given that pretty much only Godzilla or Jason Statham in a hijacking movie could walk off with this thing there’s very little to really protect, aside from vandalism.

      • “aside from vandalism”

        ding ding ding, you have just figured out the mystery

        • But he sits there all throughout the day time. Is vandalism that bad in that area? Serious question

          • I don’t think it’s a problem per se, but the Street Car has been a huge point of contention in the neighborhood. The city spent ~3 million per car, so I can see why they would want to have someone keeping an eye on the investment.

  • But he sits there all throughout the day time. Is vandalism that bad in that area? Serious question

  • Whenever it finally starts to actually run it is going to be a mess for all the reasons shared already. More importantly it doesn’t add any convenience to traveling down H Street, in fact it is only going to cause more problems.

    It is limited in that is travels slower than a bus and only goes as far as Union Station. Where as the X2 goes all the way to the White House in NW, but now will be blocked by a slower street car causing traffic. The city/transportation planner really did not think this out when they hatched this plan. Adding additional X2 and X9 (with a stop at 4th street before the bridge) service would have been a better idea.

    It may look pretty, but its going to cause way more problems then it’s worth.

    • … you do know this is phase 1 of a much more massive project to connect DC neighborhoods, right? It’s not stopping at Union Station forever – it’s going through K street and to georgetown.

      • Which will happen exactly when? Dreams only come true when there are actual plans, schedules, and money. DC seems to have money to burn, but with this project the plans and schedules have been sorely lacking.

  • Excited for when this is finally ready! I also like the overhang wires – this is H street with it’s own unique feel in the city. Every neighborhood is different, and all won’t have the overhang wires once the streetcar is installed… so calm down!

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