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  • It looks great, but it sure did mess with my commute this morning!

  • Once the new Safeway opens I’m hoping a lot of the planned developments start to take off around Georgia Ave. There is a lot of room to grow along it.

    • I hope so, the growth cycle has been mighty slow… The other day I was wondering why the Bank of America won’t reopen it’s drive thru, or at least put another location in Petworth. We’re also still missing a nice (large) street level coffee lounge (like starbucks) and there are tons of underutilized retail opportunities all over GA Ave. For shame.

      • gotryit

        Harrar has much better coffee than starbucks, and they roast their own beans on-site. And it does have a little seating area on the other side of the sales counter.

    • +1. Really hoping the new Safeway will help the Georgia Avenue corridor in Pleasant Plains, Park View, and Petworth — heck, in Brightwood too, for that matter — really take off.

  • Looks great!

  • Love them both!!!

  • Not into the tiny prison-style/medieval-castle-style side windows on the red building(s?), but it seems OK otherwise. Definitely more attractive than the apartment building shown adjacent to it.
    I like how the 5-story apartment building is turning out — the brick and the window design make it look a bit like a converted older/industrial building.

  • Both look really nice! Anyone know the prices? Are these condos or rentals?

  • GA Ave has a LONG way to go. It always surprises me when I decide to take the “scenic” route and drive directly down GA instead of 16th. You know there are nice pockets a block/two off the street, but it still feels so shady with very little foot traffic. Hopefully it can continue its facelift.

  • They couldn’t have butchered those street trees some more? Definitely asking DDOT what the hell happened there.

  • Georgia Ave reminds me of 14th when I first moved to DC in 2001. There was not one high end place on 14th, I think it has real potential, but give it 10 years.

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