• Anonymous

    Is this the small version of Super H Mart? I sure hope so.

    • I’m not sure if you’re just joking, but it’s H St Market actually, a nod to the location, not H Market (as the title implies). I would guess the selection is probably similar to Yes! Organic Market.

  • grr

    when will this place open?

  • dcreal

    This was a missed opportunity to raze and build something mixed use, while keeping ground floor retail.

  • That Man A

    ill miss the little bloody hand prints

  • wylie coyote

    That sign is SWEET!

    Hope they also get rid of the rolldown metal security doors and maybe get some cooler security alternative, like say extra thick front glass, something where folks can see inside round the clock (seems better that way for preventing break-ins, anyway, police cruisers could see any intruders as they’re driving by.

  • Anonymous

    Looks cute! Can’t wait.

  • SF

    Nice sign. I’m dubious that they can succeed long term with Whole Foods on the way, but if they have unique high-quality stuff and treat their customers well they might have a shot.

    • Anonymous

      Or lower prices.

    • I think the fact they’ll be open for about 2 years before Whole Foods will should help them at least establish a following, if nothing else.

    • Anonymous

      I live on the street the WF is going in on, but I am still super excited about this. I like WF, but the crowds there drive me nuts, so it will be nice to have a smaller and presumably less hectic alternative for a quick trip.

  • Truxton Thomas

    Seems like the right time to ask: What was the deal with the bloody hand prints? I always assumed it was a warning that if you shopped there you would be gruesomely murdered.


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