Wild Scene at 11th and H Street, NE around 11:30pm Last Night

@_christopher took video and tweeted the scene:

“Car hit gas line/entrance of @ThDailyRiderDC – posted video of weird situation after, but honesty have no details.

gas line break/evacuation/road closure at 12:11am, 12/17/13 from H & 10th NE”

“Crash was on 1100 block of #HStNE and occurred around 11:30pm. Roads reopened about 1-1:30a. Car hit Newsom gas line.”

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  • Taking a guess but if the car ran into the bike shop maybe the person was trying to steal something inside?

  • The Daily Rider is in the 1100 block. That is the 1100 block, you can see the construction site for the new condo development (formerly called The Woolsworth) around the two minute mark. Also, the metal grate-looking object you see at the bottom of the screen for the first two thirds of the video is the decorative awning for the credit union in the 1100 block. Apparently the camera person is in that structure, shooting downward.

    My kid noticed the broken glass at The Daily Rider this morning. She was worried they had a break in. She’ll be pleased to know that the broken glass was the result of a car accident instead. I’m assuming drunk driving was involved due to all the bars nearby, but sleep deprived driving is just as likely (and as dangerous). The other people responding are probably the drivers’ friends. I’ve seen some pretty rough arrests in my day (people getting slammed on the ground, etc), if this was anything like that, people get pretty emotional (about seeing their friend get slammed down, etc).

    • They could be his friends, or simply passers-by that are protesting unnecessary roughness by the police. My guess is the latter. I’m interested in hearing more details as to what happened, though.

      • That’s awesome if passers by were concerned enough to confront the police. I’d be way too scared.

        • “concerned enough to confront the police”?
          The police are trying to do their jobs and arrest the guy. People should have enough sense to know that trying to interfere with the police making an arrest isn’t going to make the situation any better. If you really think the police are acting inappropriately, then by all means stay back a reasonable distance and videotape it with your phone. But to confront the police is stupid – you won’t win that fight.

          • I can think at least situation where a life could have been saved if the bystander videotaping had intervened. Of course, he also could have been killed himself. That’s why I applaud the bravery of these people.

      • The latest news is that he was being issued a parking ticket, refused to show his license (gave a medical card instead) and when they ran his plates, he had an outstanding warrant. He tried to flee when the second patrol car came, crashed, came out of the car yelling, resisted arrest, tried to strike an officer, and was then thrown to the ground.

        • I don’t doubt what you reported, but since when do you need to show your license — or even be at your car — to receive a parking ticket?

          • I had the same question. Some of the papers are reporting he started to complain about the ticket and the police were called and asked for ID, but the accounts differ from paper to paper.

        • But yeah, let’s applaud the “bravery” of fellow citizens protesting cops doing their jobs.

    • When the video starts you can clearly hear and see (the exhaust) of the car gunning it trying to get out of the obstruction it was wedged into.
      So: surrounded by 2-3 police cars, crashed into the side of a building, gunning the engine trying to get out, and our immediate assumption when viewing the arrest is that the driver isn’t being combative and the police are in the wrong? Even after seeing the clear shot of the driver tensing up so much it took 2-3 officer to handcuff him?
      I realize I am speaking from a privileged position having never been abused by law enforcement but the fact that we are so quick to call this “unnecessary roughness” on the part of the police is mind boggling.
      H street is a very busy strip (did you see all the people walking around at midnight on a Monday in the background?!) and the job of the police is to keep everyone safe. Had that car dislodged itself and continued to drive erratically down the street hitting six people what would we be saying today?
      Also, one thought in the back of my mind is that the police were also trying to get the guy into custody and away from the gas line ASAP for his own protection. The fact that he was avoiding that meant they had to act quick and do it for him.
      Again, I caveat all of this by saying and recognizing that I might be naive and privileged. Nonetheless this video hardly makes me question the police as much as many others have.

      • “Nonetheless this video hardly makes me question the police as much as many others have.”
        Just curious, where?

      • 1) I never said the police were in the wrong.
        2) I don’t hear any gunning of any engine, I hear the sound of gas expelling from a shattered gas main and see fumes shooting out of it.
        3) You can get slammed to the ground by accident if you’re struggled with someone who is trying to put metal cuffs on you. Have fun with a drunk friend one day and try to surprise them with a sudden handcuffing attempt. Have a third friend videotape what happens and post it here. You’ll find that when you fall face first into the pavement while your hands are behind your back, it will hurt. Your friends might not like seeing your face hit the pavement. Mine wouldn’t. Just because I said someone got slammed to the ground during the course of the arrest doesn’t mean I said the person who got slammed was an angel and the police officers involved were the most evil people ever. Stop reading subtext into what I write that isn’t there, it’s not helpful.

        • @styglan1dc part 2,

          Conversely, I also didn’t say the officers were handling the suspect in the most gentle way possible. The people in the video are objecting to *something*. You choose to believe that they are objecting to nothing at all. I don’t, because I think it’s irrational to assume that people pull out cell phones to record a perfectly peaceful arrest where the suspect is cooperating and everything is lovely. Maybe we grew up in different environments. Shrug.

          • Dude – you are out of your mind with all these assumptions. And what kind of rational statement is: “Have fun with a drunk friend one day and try to surprise them with a sudden handcuffing attempt. Have a third friend videotape what happens and post it here.”

          • Dude – you’re clearly not up to Alan’s kinks. Don’t be such a prude.

          • I guess I needed to include an LOL for literal readers like Ledroit Tiger. The “Have fun with a drunk friend and try to surprise them with a sudden handcuffing attempt” was meant to somewhat humorously demonstrate how many things can go wrong when you try to handcuff a drunk person who isn’t interested in being handcuffed. Sorry you took it as a literal suggestion.

        • Look at the exhaust of the car, see how it emits a condensed smoke that increases when the sound gets louder? That means that the driver was hitting the gas.

    • Meh, if you fight the police, you deserve to go down hard. Physically resisting police is never okay.

      Asserting your rights: Absolutely okay
      Physically resisting: Never okay

      Good to see they took him down hard.

      • I could see someone going into total panic mode in that situation though. I think it would be hard to act calmly when being restrained like a wild animal.

        • Meh, if I hit a telephone pole. I would calmly step out of my car, and speak to the responding officers with the respect they deserved. I would not have done what this guy did.

          Other articles are saying he was running from the police, and if thats true, then he CERTAINLY got what he deserved.

  • That is insane. Thank goodness no pedestrians were injured. Seems to me this person was a danger to himself and everyone around him so I’m not sure I’d say the cops were in the wrong in this situation.

  • someone should tell the cops they can’t park their cars on the streetcar tracks.
    but seriously, that arrest didn’t seem too forceful. the guy was resisting, they acted appropriately.

  • May I suggest using your nightstick, officer.

  • Act like a thug, get arrested like a thug.

  • alphatango

    I would also point out that the video is multiple videos cut together. There is missing bits of the timeline. For example, at 0:21, all of a sudden they have the guy on the ground. We have no way of telling from this how, or under what circumstance, it came to that.

  • I love lamp!

  • The car was trying to flee after the accident, Watch the backup lights come on and the car nudging backwards than forwards. It’s not very clear but is that a Dodge Magnum? Saw a car chase around the home depot on rhode island a short while before this involving a black SUV of some kind?

  • Turns out he was attempting to flee (had an outstanding warrant and refused to turn over his driver’s license) and that he struck an officer and resisted arrest before he was forced to the ground.

    Looks like the cops responded properly. Guess the lesson is to wait for information before passing judgment on police action based on a shaky, incomplete video…

  • So because people are video recording police officers, it MUST mean that something the police are doing is wrong?

    I have seen people video recording a police officer giving someone directions.

    *Reminds me to stay off of the POP comment section*

  • He had a paternity support warrant and didn’t want to go to jail. Apparently he has enough money to drive a Magnum and go out on H Street but not enough to pay his child support.

    They other histrionics are the usual yelling and screaming of friends and associates that occurs in the ‘hood because there are segments of society that don’t think that the police should arrest people at all and that apparently the police aren’t allowed to use force for any reason.

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