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Mothership Applying for Later Hours on Georgia Ave

by Prince Of Petworth December 16, 2013 at 11:11 pm 12 Comments

3301 Georgia Avenue, NW

Mothership is located at Georgia Ave and Lamont St, NW. Current hours of operation are approved for Monday – Thursday 8 am–11 pm, Friday 8 am–1 am and Saturday 10 am-1 am. They hope to be able to extend them to Sunday through Thursday 10 am-2 am, Friday and Saturday 10 am -3 am.

Ed. Note: I ate there on Friday night and this place is incredibly awesome. If you haven’t been yet and had been procrastinating like me – I would put them very high on the list of your next places to visit.  Not only is the food delicious, but the owners are incredibly nice and the space is incredibly cool and comfortable.

“Modern American neighborhood restaurant with an emphasis on French, Caribbean, Latin & Asian flavors. Our plates are designed to be shared or not.”

You can see their menu here.

  • Yes yes yes I agree 100%! The food here is super good. I’ve only been once but have been meaning to go back!

  • Anonymous

    I really want a half smoke in a blanket

  • Brigid

    I hope the service has improved since August. So wanted to love it but don’t know if I can go back after the service experience we had during their prix fixe summer menu.

    • UStreeter

      Funny, I had amazing service, but the food made me shudder. Good luck to these folks though, that neighborhood needs something.

      • Anonymous

        Funny, I was completely unimpressed with the food and the service. But yeah, maybe things have changed since the summer prix fixe.

        • Jay

          Fade the views of anyone who doesn’t know enough about restaurants to cut them slack in the first few weeks they’re open.

          • Jay

            Actually, scratch that. Apologies. Misread an old post and thought the place opened in September. Looks like it opened in the spring and so should have had time to work out a lot of kinks by late summer.

  • saf

    “Our plates are designed to be shared or not.”

    That just makes me laugh. Yeah, those are the two options.

  • I really dig this place. Solid cocktail list and well-executed food!

  • Anonymous

    I support this. The are days I would prefer a quiet late night drink with a friend rather than the atmosphere at other nearby bars (which I also enjoy).

    Their food I’m not impressed with, but I’m not a meat eater so I’m only speaking about one or two things on their menu. Non veggie friends have really enjoyed the food.

  • Hilltopper

    I love the food, the owners, and the fact that it’s there at all, but there is one waiter in particular who is rude, clueless, and an outright a**hole, and for that I don’t go as often as I used to. When I do, I always sit at the bar to make sure he doesn’t get to serve me. And yes, I have complained to the owners about it.

  • d.

    Whut, whut!! This place is amazing!! The happy hour is great and the food is awesome!


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