• That MAn A

    That has to be a mess in rush hour this morning

  • urbanengineer

    18th Street is closed down to L-Street.

  • jumpingjack

    A year and a half ago there was a water main break at almost this exact same spot (about 50 feet north on Connecticut and N). There must be problems with those lines.

  • Anonymous

    M St is also closed from connecticut down to at least 20th.

  • Is there any effect on Metro? WMATA hasn’t reported anything on their website, but there’s usually faster news here.

    • Anonymous

      Buses that run through that area are being delayed. You should follow them on twitter to get up-to-the minute updates, I don’t think they post stuff like this on their website.

      • Anon 10:05

        Scratch that, they do post this stuff on their website (Bus advisories, Rail advisories) – looks like it’s the same alerts that they post to twitter. Either way, it’s there.

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea how people drive every day when there isn’t a water main break. It must be so frustrating. But on a day like today, I would start to question my life choices if I drove to work every day.

    • Anonymous

      What about people who take the bus and are affected by traffic everyday. Would you question your life choices then?

    • CT

      Fortunately there are Metro drivers who are willing to deal with some of the stress so that those of us who are passengers don’t have to. And as frustrating as it often is to be one of the passengers, I’d rather be a passenger than a driver. Actually, I’d rather be a pedestrian – but that’s not always the best option.

      • Anonymous

        Plus as a bus rider, you can get out of the bus that’s sitting in traffic and walk to another option (cab, metro, bus on another street) or the last distance to your destination. You can’t just abandon your own car where ever you happen to be, you’re a total captive.

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone else get to leave work early because the shitter wasn’t working?


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