Mayor Gray Tweets about Metro Delays – Suggests You “share your disappointment” with @MurielBowser

@MayorVinceGray tweets about the recent Red Line metro delays:

“(1/6) I’d like to address the recent @wmata delays that have deeply disappointed & angered me while frustrating many of you.

(2/6) First, @wmata (an independent, regional agency) despite facing budget pressures, needs to do better.

(3/6) @wmata is critical to our regional economy & getting to work/school on time is essential to your livelihood.

(4/6) As the District’s leader, I am continuing to work with @wmata to build a long-term capital plan that serves DC & the region.

(5/6) However, I do not serve on the board or have any operating authority over @wmata.

(6/6) Your #Metro board rep is @MurielBowser; I urge you to share your disappointment w/ her & GM/CEO Sarles as they make improvements.”

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  • BFFs indeed.

  • bahahaha! wow, that’s SHOCKING, i’m surprised he didn’t find a way to encourage residents to b!tch out wells, too.

  • what a joke – there is no one with more power to improve metro than the Mayor of DC. He appoints the board members and should be advocating loudly among regional governments for more funding and improved performance. It baffles me that DC pols don’t take this issue on and pretend they have no control over the dysfunction.

    • That’s actually not true. Metro is a regional service and is therefore controlled equally by VA, MD and DC. There are more stops outside of the city than there are in DC proper. From Wikipedia:

      The authority’s Board of Directors consists of two voting representatives each from the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and the federal government. Each jurisdiction also appoints two alternate representatives. WMATA has no independent taxation authority and depends on its member jurisdictions for capital investments and operating subsidies.

      You can be pissed about the crappy service but don’t overestimate the power of the DC Government to change it.

      • I stand by the point. He appoints the DC board members and should be the biggest champion for more funding and reform among the three states represented. No one has more to lose or gain. It’s certainly not as easy as if it was controlled by DC only, but not an excuse to sit back and point fingers. If he’s not going to do anything about it who will?

  • Can’t imagine that Muriel Bowser would be interested in helping, as there’s nothing in it for herself. Maybe if we get Walmart involved in this ordeal she’d listen?

    • She is running for mayor so she might want to at least appear sympathetic if not actually doing something.

    • She is literally the last person I would vote for. Every other candidate is in front of her. Speaking as a W4 resident, I am still annoyed that she has YET to get the DCPS renovation budgets that other wards got long ago.

  • She might be busy asking Walmart to fund her campaign.

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