Washington, DC


This morning @wowindc sends an almost identical photo from yesterday, she writes:

“again at gallery place. Another day, another delay; worse than 5pm on beltway.”

Metro reported:

“Red Line continues delays in both directions due to a signal problem outside Ft Totten. 8:55a”

“Shady Grove-bound Red Line train offloading for a brake problem at Gallery Place. Trains holding directly behind. 7:22a”

UPDATE Metro General Manager Apologizes to Red Line Riders:

“I want to apologize for the delays and inconvenience you have experienced recently. I know that service on the Red Line has not been good over the past several days. Be assured, we are focused on these issues and are taking steps to improve service.

We will have more information about this morning’s service posted here later today, and I will tell you about changes we are making to address this situation.

Again, I apologize for the delays you have experienced, and thank you for riding Metro.

Richard R Sarles
General Manager & CEO”


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