Culture Coffee Now Open on Kennedy Street – Grand Opening Event Thursday Night

709 Kennedy Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending the update and photo above of Culture Coffee.

And from ANC Rep Lamont Akins:

“Please join me in welcoming a new business to the Kennedy St NW corridor. Culture Coffee at 709 Kennedy St NW is open this week. They will have a grand opening event on this Thursday, Nov. 7th at 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. featuring a live performance by James Stephen Terrell.”

Regular hours are
Monday-Friday: 7am to 4pm
Saturday: 8am to 3pm
Sunday: 10am to 3pm

You can see their menu here.

Thanks to another reader for sending this shot of the inside:


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  • This is a wonderful spot in the neighborhood! Friendly and welcoming staff, fantastic coffee, and comfortable space. We’ve already met neighbors we didn’t previously know. So grateful they’re here.

  • I wish them the best of luck. It looks like a welcome change. I’ve taken the bus through there many times and have been disappointed by the lack of such businesses . I wish it were closer to me….but with their success, others might follow.

    • “others might follow” and that’s what we are hoping for. Looks like the community wants a pizza place, dive bar…

  • So excited to see a a coffee shop on this street ! We are moving to the area in the next month and can’t wait to try culture coffee!

  • Went this morning! Such an awesome addition to the hood!

  • Live a block away and we are so excited to have them in the neighborhood!

  • So excited! Have been waiting for a coffee shop that isn’t Qualia, and is a bit close to home. Hooray!!! I am going to stop by Friday morning hopefully.

  • notlawd

    I went in yesterday and am very pleased by this addition to the neighborhood. They are not taking credit cards yet, but they said they will soon. I had a smoothie and delicious curry tuna and apple sandwich on pita. They have a very good variety of sandwiches and snacks and lots of drinks other than coffee. Looks like there is wifi too, so a nice spot to do a little work if you work from home and want to get out of the house. the events they have planned sound interesting too. Hope we get more places like this on Kennedy soon!

  • We need a dive bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Agreed. Love DC Reynolds, but another dive bar would be cool. Also, walking distance=awesome.

    • I agree. What do you mean when you say dive. Good drinks, good food… for that, I make it down to CENTENO’s in the 800 block of Kennedy. Great margaritas and authentic food

  • I’ve been 4x since opening. It’s a great addition and just what the neighborhood needs. The owners are so friendly.

    A couple suggestions:

    – Bagels!
    – Keep Sunday hours forever.
    – Host neighborhood meet and greets.
    – Discounts for bringing your own coffee mug.
    – Switch to non styrofoam cups. Better for enviro and your health!

    Thanks for coming to our hood.

  • What kind of coffee are they serving? So excited for this to be on Kennedy Street!

    • We have our in house Diplomat Blend and an ETHIOPIAN YIRGACHEFFE (sp?)!

      There is a Mexican Spiced Hot Choclate, Original Chai and Ginger Spiced Chai Tea.

  • will they serve counter culture coffee?

    • Hi there: Our roaster is Swing’s Coffee (they are good people). They made us a house blend and we purchased a delightful Ethiopian Roast from them as well.

  • Welcome to Kennedy Street, CC! I went opening day and was happy to have a place with a shiny espresso machine within walking distance. I can’t resist a few constructive criticisms though — 1) please stop using styrofoam. It is unhealthy for the environment and demonstrates an overall lack of environmental literacy, 2) start accepting credit cards (i see so many new businesses using Square these days…seems easy and helps insure tips for your staff!), 3) the furniture looks like old chairs pulled from an office building in the 90s. Two tops or even common tables will invite more people to sit and stimulate conversations between neighbors. And finally 4) can something be done about the drop ceilings? I don’t want to feel like I’m in the office when I’m visiting my neighborhood coffee shop. I love the industrial look with exposed the beams and pipes.

    • Well that came across as a bit rude and high-and-mighty. They’ve already addressed the styrofoam issue above. And you don’t like the furniture or the ceilings? Really?

      • Hey Ax – Thanks for the support.

        Although it’s not popular and available in every city, Styrofoam is recyclable. They do it in Baltimore and there is a place in BELCAMP, MD that accepts them.

        We do plan to phase out the “package peanuts” a.k.a Styrofoam. But for now and those that are so inclined. One could clean and re-use (herb garden, coin collection) and many local “mailing solution” stores accept “peanuts”. Put your peanuts into a bag or box and take them to a location near you. 😉

      • I didn’t mean to come off rude. People care about aesthetics when it comes to businesses they patronize and those were the first things that I noticed when I stepped in the place. Not high-and-mighty! Just trying to provide feedback. I’m so excited about Culture Coffee and plan to attend the event tonight 🙂

    • Thanks for suggestions Bea…

      We are planning on replacing the Styrofoam with more environmentally friendly cups. For now, please try and bring your own mug.

      As for the chairs, we wanted a more homey and comfortable feel and what we could afford.

      We will start accepting credit cards this month, we are deciding on a merchant service. Square is 2.75% for every transactions as a new business, we are trying to save every penny we can. We have to make informed choices.

      The drop ceilings trust me it wasn’t our first choice.

      Again, thanks for your suggestions. Hope to see you soon.

      Culture Coffee

  • I’m glad we have a coffee shop now. What Kennedy St. needs next is a decent pizza delivery place. A local spot would be fine, but I’d be happy with a Pizza Boli.

  • Hi there! I love the new coffee shop. Your chai and mochas are great. And I love that you serve ME Swings coffee.

    Will you guys be having rotating artwork on your walls for sale? I love the pieces you’ve already hung. Are those for sale?

    Thanks for being such an inviting and warm place for Brightwood Park!

    • Hey UrbanKate:

      Artwork: Yes, this month GRETA CHAPIN MCGILL is installing her work. Her showcase is tomorrow.
      Next month it’s Jason Miccolo Johnson, award winning photographer.

      There is a group coming in tomorrow Beyond Borders and we are working with them to install some Haitian Steel Drum pieces. The pieces are for sale and proceeds go to a charity.

      The only piece on the wall for sale is the lady in red “Mensa” at $200. The artist is a new mommy and plans to bring in some new pieces.

      The cat with the teeth won the makeover contest, not the one with the ears. LOL.
      Samuel L Jackson pulp fiction won the movie role contest over Samuel Snakes on a Plan.

  • Oh and I love your countertops. 🙂

  • Promise last comment. Which cat won the ugly cat tip war?

  • Evan Jensen

    Loved the chai and the cakes at the meet and greet a few months ago! Will come by to sample the new space soon. : ) Thanks for coming to the neighborhood and livening up the “too many funeral homes and liquor stores” that is Kennedy NW.

    You’re using a local roaster and sourcing well with M.E.Swing! You should highlight that fact in store as well as online. People like to know where their coffee is from and roasted.

  • I went to the grand opening. Met a lot of my neighbors that I definitely would not have if not for the place. Been waiting for a coffee place for a very long time. Thanks CC for being on Kennedy St.

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