Washington, DC

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Against the Bias:

“Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery
1632 U Street, NW
November 8 – December 21

Yarn, thread, and fabric were historically associated with “women’s work” and hence works made from such materials were often relegated to the category of mere craft, yet with the 1960’s feminist movement these once humble materials began to enter the realm of contemporary art worldwide. With each knot, stitch, and loop the artists of Against the Bias continue to work against the grain and masterfully transform these once “domestic” materials and methods—sewing, crocheting, knitting, embroidering, and quilting—into contemporary reflections on community, historical legacy, identity, and even the sacred. They vividly disrupt our collective expectation of what traditional materials can do; images of homemade holiday sweaters and Gran’s baby blanket are daringly replaced with avant-garde works that speak to the present moment. Featuring a contemporary spin on traditional textiles in the form of retro fabric sculptures, gestural thread drawings, crochet audio installations, and large-scale yarn portraiture Against the Bias highlights the work of Emily Biondo, Hannah Brancato, Stacy Cantrell, Lily deSaussure, Jo Hamilton, Jesse Harrod, Jimmy Miracle, and Amber Robles-Gordon. Extending beyond the Gallery’s interior, the exhibition will also include a large-scale, crochet and knit installation wrapping our U Street building façade in a Yarn- Bomb Garden, created by our local community and a team of expert yarn-bombers. Don’t miss your chance to be entangled in Against the Bias!”

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