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  • The National Mall improvements are a testament to the great work that landscape architects are doing in D.C. these days!

  • Looks fantastic…until the next big event that’s held rain or shine…sigh. Hopefully it stays this way for a while though.

  • Thanks to the Trust for the National Mall! And, it’s been almost a year & it still looks great!

  • It does look fantastic, and they’ve done a great job maintaining it. I walk down that portion of 7th Street almost every day, and there’s always either a sprinkler on or a lawnmower out there. I think having the ropes up to prevent people from constantly walking on it have helped a great deal.

    Any idea on when/if they’re going to do the rest of the mall?

  • The turf panels from 3rd to 7th Streets have been restored, and thanks to better protocols for large events, they’ve held up through a busy summer and January’s inauguration. The renovation also included an underground drainage system and cisterns to capture rainwater. So, the project is not only making the grass prettier — it is making the landscape more sustainable, too.

    The next phase of restoration will occur from 7th Street to 14th Street near the Washington Monument. It will begin this time next year and be completed in 2015.

    The NPS deserves the credit, along with the visitors who are treating the lawn as well as their own front yard. Corporate partners are also helping. Stay tuned for more news on that front later this month…

    Trust for the National Mall

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