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  • Emmaleigh504

    Holy smokes, studios are getting spendy in this town!

    • It kills me that I wasn’t even surprised by this one. Studios have been in the ~$1500+ range lately. If they don’t start adding some new residential density quick, nobody with a salary under 100K is going to be able to live in This Town.

      • Yeah, this is pretty typical. Yesterday’s was in a better location, but even smaller and more expensive.
        It’s terrible that a tiny, old, bare bones apartment is out of reach for most professionals. This is a great little apartment, but in order to afford it most people, even those with very good jobs, would be spending more than half their salary on rent. One bedroom units are starting to look like a lavish luxury only the very wealthy can afford. Heck, even bedrooms in group houses typically start at $1000.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I haven’t been paying attention so I was surprised. So happy for my little rent controlled place! (I won’t be able to buy in this town unless I get a couple more incomes and someone dies.)

  • You can pay that price for a huge 1 bedroom with Cathedral views + included utilities like 2 blocks away from this. Not a good deal.

  • clevelanddave

    PoP: Not to get all uppity about it, but I believe it is Cathedral, I believe, not Cathdral…

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