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  • I’ve noticed that sign on my way to work and might try it the next time I don’t have anything to bring for lunch. It looks better than any of the other lunch options around here!

  • I still find it weird that non-Koreans are willing to eat bibimbap… guess I took it for granted growing up!

    • I’m the commenter above, and I’ve never had it, but I love rice, fried eggs, spicy stuff, and crunchy and fermented vegetables (I’m assuming they can leave the beef out). It sounds delicious with all the different textures and flavors.

  • There seems to be new bibimbap options all over the place lately. I’ve never tried this one on Barracks Row, but yesterday I tried the bibimbap at Ballston Place Gourmet on Fairfax Drive in Arlington (across from Pines of Florence) and it was GREAT! A large delicious bowl of bibimbap for only $7. One place to avoid : the bibimbap
    at The Market on the Boulevard on MacArthur Boulevard in Cabin John (for all the weekend cyclists). Total rip off.

  • I would love to try it as I live pretty close by. Unfortunately, though, this place has some of the worst hours in existence (slight hyperbole, but whatever). Not open on weekends. Not open on holidays. Not open past 4 (I think), but also not open when I walk by in the AM (the judging restaurants thread suggested they do good work with breakfast).

    I got excited and immediately sad when I first saw the bibimbap sign, as I haven’t had decent bibimbap since the Seoul Food truck stopped coming to my work neighborhood. With Capital City Subs’s hours, though, I won’t be able to try theirs either.

    • I guess it’s because this area is more commercial than residential. Chicken Tortilla’s the only restaurant south of the freeway that’s open past 5.

    • If you’re looking for awesome bibimbap try and track down the no-frills Korengy truck. That stuff is wonderful.

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