Tibet Shop Closing, Petworth Liquors Hoping to Move in at Keefer and Georgia Ave, NW

3213 Georgia Avenue, NW

That was fast. Tibet Shop only just opened last November. A liquor license application posted out front says:

“Licensee transferring from 3210 Georgia Avenue NW to the new location at 3213 Georgia Avenue, NW.”

3213 Georgia Ave, NW is home to Petworth liquors. One reader writes:

“Some folks in the neighborhood (myself included) are not thrilled about the move, given many of the issues associated with the business (littering, serving to intoxicated patrons who stand and drink outside and threaten passersby, etc)…”

Petworth Liquors is currently located across the street from the Tibet Shop:


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  • What a pity — I was hoping that the Tibet Shop would stick around.
    As for Petworth Liquors moving in… I thought that this wasn’t yet a “done deal.” If I remember correctly, it’s going to be discussed at the ANC 1A meeting tomorrow (Wed. 7/10).

  • Wow! Really need to protest this license. Anyone know what can be done?

    • gotryit

      Your ANC commissioner should be able to help you with that and put you in touch with other people protesting it.

  • gotryit

    Some neighbors are protesting it. The owner came with his agent to a Georgia Ave community meeting last night with his agent. It was almost funny / sad. This guy explained how he’s owned the place since 2005 and hasn’t had any police issues since then. That is, except for someone in the crowd who had a report showing that the police shut him down a couple of times for violations, and the neighbors who see the police there daily to deal with the regular group of drunks that get their daily booze from him and crap up that section of Georgia Ave.

    One ANC commissioner asked him if he would be happy have his family live next to the establishment, and the guy basically said “No.” But he’d love our support to move next to our families. Gah!

    • Thanks for the info gotryit! Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the meeting last night – do you have more info on what happened? I am curious.

      • gotryit

        The Georgia Ave Community Development Task Force officially voted to protest the liquor license. Many (most? all?) people there voted in favor of the protest, and none voted against it.

        There were a couple of people there heading up the neighborhood protests, but I don’t remember them. I think that it’s due to come up at the ANC meeting soon for a vote to protest, so you should get in touch with your ANC commissioner to voice your opinion. I think that some other civic associations (Pleasant Plains Civic Association?) had either already protested it or will protest soon.

        The main drive of the arguments against were:
        -He’s a blight on the neighborhood: an anchor point and enabler for the worst of the drunks in the area. He hasn’t shown any motivation to change in the eight years that he’s owned the place. Women are regularly harassed walking by there.
        -His offers to make things better sounded like he was just telling us what we wanted to hear (my opinion). He has a history of violating the current voluntary agreement, so it’s a tough sell to believe his promises to make things better.

        • Thanks again! If we are able to formally oppose the move it would be great (and it seems like we will). I have both voiced my opposition directly to Bobby Holmes and filled out the (very useful) online survey. Because of all the reasons you have stated (which I agree with 100%) this would be a detriment to the corner.

  • Can the ANC limit the size of liquor bottles the shop is authorized to sell? Just a suggestion for people to raise at the ANC meeting. There is a liquor store that opened at 4th & Mass NW (Tunnel Wines, I think?) around the time that Chinatown East was really turning around as a neighborhood. In a pretty smart move, IMHO, the store does not sell liquor in “single serving” sizes, with the smallest container of rail liquor being a 750ml bottle. It deters certain clientele that are looking for a quick fix to drink right outside the store.

  • It was my understanding that the guy that owns the Tibet Shop owns the building and lives in the house attached to it. I can’t possibly imagine that he will be very happy if the mess that is in front of Petworth Liquors moves essentially in front of his house.

    • The guy who owns the tibet shot does indeed own the adjacent building but they are converted apartments. he does not live there, but rather rents to tenents.

      • maybe he doesn’t like his tenants and so his master plan is to get the whole building to smell like urine?

  • I actually wouldn’t be super concerned about the presence of a liquor store in that location, especially one run by a responsible owner (like Lion up the street). Sure, I would prefer another Mothership-esque restaurant, or even better a nice little coffee shop – but I think a liquor store is still okay as a business.

    Unfortunately, Petworth Liquors is not run by a responsible owner. I have been in the neighborhood for three weeks, and have witnessed sales of liquor (not just beer) to visibly intoxicated patrons three times in the same period. These irresponsible sales are a direct cause of the littering, violence, and public urination around the premises, and the fact that this has occurred DURING the attempt to move shows that the owner cannot be trusted (even when he should be trying the hardest) to act responsibly.

    I highly encourage folks to attend the ANC meeting tomorrow to express their opinions about this too.

  • I live on the 600 Block of Keefer and this is very frusterating. When and where is the next meeting where this will be discussed? I would like to attend. Thanks.

  • finally, somewhere to buy liquor on georgia avenue!

  • I agree with the comments about Petworth Liquors being a horrible presence in the neighborhood. BUT, what happens if he is blocked from moving? Will the owner not just continue with business as usual? Alternately, is the owner trying to move for some specific reason we do not know about (rent raised, lease is up, etc..)? I think this is really important to know. If the owner is simply trying to move into a different space to reduce rent, blocking the move would hurt him. On the other hand, if the owner is actually trying to cater to a different clientele (like Lions Liquor has), this may be good for the neighborhood. One other option that the community might think about, is that by allowing the move, ABRA and the ANC might be able to saddle the owner with EXTREMELY restrictive conditions for the liquor license, with the expectation that if the owner keeps up the current shit, it will be much easier to shut him down.

    • He’s moving because he’s being kicked out of the building that he’s currently in. Rent / lease kind of thing. I didn’t understand the details.

  • The owner sold his building where they are currently located.

    • He actually had other potential locations but he wants to stay in that area to service all the bums. It was honestly his preference to move across the street not a legitimate business need… his building is being torn down in aug. he sold it for $2 mil so he could move anywhere if he wanted. Good news is if this gets blocked he’s probably out if the neighborhood for good.

      • wait – the liquor store owner didn’t own the building, right? The $2 mil went to someone else? I don’t doubt that ‘maintaining the current customer base’ was a consideration. People drinking liquor and hanging out in front of the store at 1pm shouldn’t have to find a new person who will sell to them no matter how drunk, I guess…

  • I walked by the Tibet Shop yesterday and it was open. I wanted so badly to tell the owner “Please, don’t do it!” Of course, I never did go into the shop… too cowardly.

  • The Petworth Liquor store owner did own the building.

    • Wow! in that case I understand the behavior near the store even less. I thought maybe it was an issue of ‘anything to make a buck,’ but with $2mil in your pocket, why would you risk your liquor license by selling to intoxicated persons? It seems pretty silly to me.

  • so… anyone know what happened at the ANC meeting?

    • ANC voted unanimously to protest, owner of Georgia liquors apparently has said he will withdraw the application, but hasnt done so yet. My fingers are crossed.

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