Wired Cycling Coming to Eckington


Thanks to [email protected] for tweeting the word and photo last night:

“this just went up on a property at the corner of 4th & V St NE.”

Learn about “Borg’s Rate of Perceived Exertion” and lots more – Wired Cycling’s Website says:

The Wired Cycling™ program draws on new research and science opinion to teach instructors how to improve cycling performance. Participants of the Wired Cycling™ program will learn a wide-range of skills, current knowledge, and best practices in cycling training and instruction.

The WiredCycling™ Program©™ Overview

1. Training Elements
a. Frequency
b. Intensity
c. Duration

2. Variables that Influence Performance
a. Aerobic Capacity
b. Efficiency
c. High Speed Capacity
d. Gender – Specific
e. Age- Specific
f. Nutrition

3. Training Strategies & Techniques

4. a. Intervals

VO2 Max

b. Endurance
c. Strength

5. Understanding Physiological Skills
a. Critical threshold power
b. Functional threshold power
c. Anaerobic threshold power
d. Lactate threshold power

6. Motivation, Perception & Attitude
a. Intrinsic vs. extrinsic
b. Perception vs. reality
c. States of mind

7. Training Tools
a. Power Meters
b. Heart Rate Monitors
c. Borg’s Rate of Perceived Exertion

8. Positioning & Alignment
a. Seat post height
b. Handlebar height
c. Cycling postures-basic, seated upright, seated climbs, and standing climbs

9. Indoor Class Formats
a. Music Strategies
b. Transitions
c. Tone and Volume
d. What Works
e. Safety

10. The Physical Realities of Cycling
a. Neuromuscular Condition
b. Training vs. Overtraining
c. Injury Prevention

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  • I don’t think they understand that most bikers have a training regimen of biking to work, the store and doing 12 oz curls of natty boh.

  • Interesting. At the moment, it looks like just a teacher training program for aspiring trainers/instructors, but maybe there will be indoor cycling group classes too? (Can’t imagine there’d be enough teacher-training clients to sustain the business, but who knows.) Seems like a comprehensive program, although I’ve heard (but don’t know from personal experience) that if you want to get an indoor teaching gig at a gym/studio, they usually want you to be certified specifically in whatever kind of bikes they use (Spinner, Keiser, Schwinn, etc.)

  • A lot of the stuff that they list here are things that someone who races bikes would be interested in doing (VO2 max, threshold power…). High end training for professional racing?

  • Kinda takes the fun right out of it, doesn’t it?!

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