Reader Reports Cyclist Assaulted on Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT) around 5:45pm


A reader writes around 6:15pm:

Lots of cops swarming the area from the NoMa metro to the dc schools building at 3rd and R St NE. Apparently three people jumped a cyclist and beat him. When I walked by I could see a fair amount of blood and the victim had obvious head wounds. They just took the victim to the hospital by ambulance.

Ed. Note: We last talked about a cyclist assaulted on the MBT trail in Feb. 2013.

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  • this happens very often. it’s horrible.

  • gotryit

    Awful. Best wishes to the person who got jumped.
    -another sometimes user of the MBT

  • This is disgusting. 5:45 prime commuting time. The police should be ashamed of themselves. I place the blame entirely on them I’m sorry. The city built this so protect your citizens using it. After every time this happens the police will drive down the trail for the next week. then never show up again. How do I know this. I use this trail monday through friday ever since the day it opened. This infuriates me. Every time I see a police car siting at the end of franklin street bridge on his phone or sleeping I’m calling the station. Every time I see anyone on the trail without a bike or running I’m calling the police. And if one of this sh$ts dares step out in font of me they will know what a heavy bike, hammer,, or wrench will feel to the head at 20 miles per hour.

    I wish the best to the victim and I will fight for you and the fellow bikers/ users of this trail. MPD it is extremely easy to prevent this. It is cut and dry who is using this trail properly. Shame on you for letting this happen. Get out of your cars and protect those who pay your salary.


    • I’m not advocating vigilantism, but if your U lock just happens to come down on a couple skulls I’ll probably look the other way. OK… maybe I am advocating just that.

      • gotryit

        Have you ever tried swinging a u lock while biking? Try it on a soft surface before you try it on pavement because you’ll probably fall.

        • the swinging of a U lock at a kid/young adult, no matter how shit bag ghetto fuck up they are, is still ill advised… U lock reference was only added in for thematic continuity.

        • Ok fine, I’ll square my 29 inch tire straight at him, then my combined 230 pounds will crash into him at 20mph. I’d say my chances are still better than getting my face punchasized for free for no reason huh. Then I’ll swing my u lock at him with my feet firmly planted on the ground.

          Actually been riding a bike for quite some time, sometimes i amaze myself with the things I can do on a bike. Now lets get back to whats important. Making sure the middle aged man is well, and ok. Make sure we report to the police when we see filth like these young low lives on the trail. Pressure the police to patrol the trail, not sleep at the ends of it. Again these situations infuriate me. There is no excuse for happenings like this.

      • once you know you are unable to get away, I’ve had the best luck in targeting one person with unbridled rage. get severe. get biological. and act like an absolute nutter.

        terrible advice if any of the kids are tooled up though

    • yeah..the police’s about realizing that ANY activity in areas close to certain neighborhoods

  • Schoooooooooool’s out…for…summer…

    Maybe I should rethink my walks home on the trail.

  • WABA should organize a critical mass ride on this trail every week

    • I’ve said this before! Obviously, there needs to be a larger strategy to address crime on the trail, but in the meantime, I think it’d be a good if WABA or one of the neighborhood list serves could organize group commutes. I guess it’s easier to just fantasize about beating teenagers?

  • thanks to a couple of delays at the beginning of my ride, i missed this assault by just a few minutes but saw the immediate aftermath. i wondered if he had been in a crash (it was at that 90 degree turn onto R street) or had been assaulted, but the blood all over his face and clothes looked too intense for just a crash. there were a few people on the phone with 911 and helping him out already so i didn’t stop to find out what happened—i really hope that he’s ok. it kills me that this kind of thing happens in broad daylight with lots of other commuters around, and it’ll probably only get worse once school is out for summer.

  • from the Next Door Eckington Listserv:

    Hi neighbors-
    As I was biking home on the Metropolitan Branch Trail today I came across a biker on the trail near R St NE who was severely beaten. Apparently he was beaten by a fairly large group of African American teenagers that I passed on the trail near the bridge near Florida Avenue. Apparently they beat this biker, a Caucasian male who looked to be in his 50s, for no reason. Cops swarmed the scene and took the man to the hospital, and tried to track down the kids but as far as I know they have not been caught. I share this with you to strongly encourage you to use caution on the trail. This incident occurred in broad daylight and the biker did nothing wrong. I spoke with one of the cops at the scene and he says there are incidents on the trail all the time, day and night. I for one will no longer be using the Metropolitan Branch Trail — please stay safe everyone.

    • i saw that group of kids! but they were walking so nonchalantly down the trail i didn’t think anything of it; there were probably 10 or so of them, boys and girls. my instinct was to just ride past them and not make eye contact because there were so many of them and i was a woman biking alone, and not because they looked suspicious (didn’t see weapons or anything)—this makes me even more annoyed about the lack of patrolling on that trail. if there were patrol officers up and down the trail they would have been apprehended with no problem. UGH.

      • Enjoy the diversity!!!!

      • Please contact mpd

      • justinbc

        Correction, you saw -a group- of kids.

      • first mistake ASSUMING that just not engageing them makes a difference. Don’t go NEAR them. unprovoked irrational attacks are common

      • 10 kids? Next time you see that many kids in one place, you should keep as far away as possible and call the police immediately once you’re out of their sight.

        • And the police will do…what, exactly, in response to a 911 call that someone “saw” 10 kids merely walking along in a group? Sure, most groups of teens are loud and annoying, but that’s not really a crime, unless they’re vandalizing, threatening, harrassing, or assaulting people.

          • maybe you missed the part about the person being beaten so badly they had to be hospitalized. large group of kids in dc unfortunately often means trouble if you encounter them alone.

  • My heart goes out to the suffering victim of this senseless act stemming from ignorant poverty.

    • Yeah because all of those in poverty in the great depression went around beating people for fun without even robbing them all the time. Get real, culture of violence in black youths is prevalent. I grew up in Detroit and it was similar, everyone wanted to be bad ass and fight, much influenced by our favorite rap stars like Bone Thugs, Eazy E, etc at the time. I teach at Dunbar and the kids act the same way about Chief Keef and want to hurt people. Its cultural and racist behavior.

      • Um, there was a culture of violence that completely surrounded generations of black people forced to work here for free under the threat of violence, remember? And the Great Depression did lead to sharp spikes in criminal violence, including lynchings. This country is soaked in violence. If you think it is the sole province of one racial group, you’re insane.

        I’ve ridden the MBT past all kinds of people – young, old, black, white – and no one has so much as said a word to me, let alone assaulted me. Why is everyone assuming this assault was “for fun” or “for no reason”, when there is no evidence to support that? I’ve never seen anyone get randomly beat up in this town, it always escalated from a verbal argument first. And that’s after being here since the “bad old days” when we were in the newspaper around the country every day for murders and such, being called “The Murder Capital”, etc.

        • PDleftMtP

          Wylie, I was with you up until you got to the point where you said you were unaware of truly random violence in DC. That’s a little blinkered – not sure what parts of the city you see, but not everybody who gets jumped “had it coming.” Also, the fact that an overly violent culture is not the exclusive province of African-Americans (true) doesn’t mean that it isn’t still a problem (also true).

          Javon, what high school in Detroit?

          • I said I’ve never personally seen someone get beat up at random before. I have heard stories about it, but I haven’t seen it happen with my own two eyes (and I have seen LOADS of violence, in person, in this city). Sorry if that made it seem like I have ignored the waves of stories about random attacks. And, yes, I think some of those attacks could possibly be hate crimes. I just hesitate to jump to that conclusion (hate crime) before I get evidence that an assault was part of an argument that escalated and I see a LOT of people in this thread turning this attack into a hate crime without any evidence. For the assaults I’ve witnessed, they usually start with some minor disagreement or someone stepping on someone’s foot and then rapidly get out of control. I’ve never seen one person walk up to another and punch them, at random, then walk away. Maybe I don’t hang out where that happens. Maybe you’ve seen it a lot where you live.

        • wylie you are straight up wrong. i’ve seen random violence with my own eyes, like the lovely group of children walking down the street the other day throwing rocks at passing cars.

          • I’m not wrong about what I’ve seen with *my* own eyes. I never spoke to what other people have seen. You’re talking about something you saw with *your* own eyes.

            The key words in my post are “I’ve never seen anyone…”

            I’ve, as in “I have”, as in *me*.

        • THe Washington Post article on this incident confirms that this incident, according to the victim, was completely random.

          I wish someone had pointed me to that article earlier.

          This is a very sad situation.

          I wish the victim a speedy recovery.

          Everyone, please make eye contact with everyone you pass on the trail. Worst case scenario, this will improve your ability to prove a proper, detailed description to the police of what your attacker looks like. Best case scenario, they will know you have “made” them and will look for a target who is paying less attention. Nodding in acknowledgement is also generally considered friendly and is a tactic I regularly use while riding around pedestrians.

    • If this was true we would expect Chinatowns across the nation to be filled with rampant street crime, as most people who live there are not only poor, but have a very limited ability to increase their lifetime earnings due to poor English skills. But we don’t see that; the idea of someone getting randomly assaulted by a bunch of Chinese youths is laughable. That’s because the problem is purely cultural rather than economic.

      • DC isn’t even filled “with rampant street crime”, so what on Earth are you talking about? Our crime has been going down even as the cost of living has been skyrocketing. So, does that mean that as our murder rate drops, it’s because everyone in DC decided “culturally” that murder was no longer okay? Did your imaginary culture of violence rapidly contract year on year for years on end? Your post is laughable. Try actually reading about criminology before you write about it.

        • yes ALWAYS consult a sociologist before you comment. only THEY know what’s what

          • “the problem is purely cultural rather than economic” isn’t just commenting, it’s attempting to create an overarching meta-theory for complex human behavior in a city with well over half a million people in it. So, yes, if you want to come up with such a theory, you’d be well advised to actually consult literature on the subject, “Anonymous”.

          • To wylie coyote June 13, 2013 at 1:57 pm:

            You are giving me too much credit. I am not trying to establish an “overarching meta-theory for complex human behavior” but rather claiming that, in opposition to one of the posters above, that certain ethnic, cultural, and racial groups are more or less likely to engage in random, violent crime has largely to do with non-economic reasons. These non-economic reasons include cultural attitudes towards law enforcement, stigmas attached to out of wedlock births and sexual promiscuity, the strength of the family unit, and so on.

            If you would like to point me to literature to suggest that such cultural factors do not contriburt to crime I would be interested to read it indeed.

        • The post that I was responding to (dc-eyed June 11, 2013 at 11:59 pm) argued that the main reason why these sorts of random violent crimes occur–and yes, they have occurred with some regularity on the MBT–is because of poverty. I responded by saying that if poverty is the main cause of these sorts of random, violent crimes, we should expect to see other impoverished communities (such as Chinatowns in NYC and elsewhere) have similar high crime rates. But we don’t see that because different communities have different attitudes towards crime, different sets of expectations, and different rates of out of wedlock births, among other issues.

          I am well aware of the different theories for why and how the overall crime rates across major cities have gone down in recent decades (lead paint, abortion, stop and frisk, better policing methods, decline of crack cocaine, etc.) But, that doesn’t explain why the rates of violent crime vary between different, poor communities.

          • “that doesn’t explain why the rates of violent crime vary between different, poor communities.” –> You can’t explain why murder rates have dropped across the board, in every community in this city, thus you can’t explain how “culture” gives rise to random violence. Let me guess, this unnamed culture causes a rise in assaults, but not murder? Why, is there only a limited amount of violence to spare in this imaginary culture you’re talking about? Like, it’s violent enough for fistfights, but the violence runs out when it comes to killing people, inexplicably? Or maybe it’s not cultural and you’re just totally making something up.

      • Good point. That’s why there’s never been an issue with Chinese street gangs running cities in, say China.

        Or maybe it’s a problem with all people.

        • John probably thinks The Triads are an afterschool study group. Don’t bother trying to enlighten him, he’s deadset on thinking violence is the sole province of African-Americans in cities. LOL.

          • The sad part is that racism like that is part of the bigger problem. Sure, violent crime is an immediate problem, but trying to solve that without addressing the bigger issues is just stupid.

            I really dislike extremists.

        • Don’t be daft–I explicitly said “Chinatowns across the nation” since it is obviously easier to compare these things on a country by country basis.

          • Because Triads have in no way infiltrated any Chinese-American neighborhood. Of course, John, I should have known you were a Chinese gang expert. Or not.

            Even if that were true (and it’s not), you think there’s something magically different about Chinese-Americans that separates them from Chinese people in mainland China, so that somehow organized street crime never gets stateside? Ha. Okay.

  • If they get caught (like that will happen!) they should be chared with a hate crime. We have traffic camers at every redl light. Can’t we have security cameras on this part of the trail?

    • Yes, you know, something that actually could save lives?

      …But these cameras wouldn’t generate any revenue for the city so obviously they’re not going to be installed

      • This is a great idea… someone should forward it to MPD and ask for a response.

        • Already had been posted:

          Re: MBT
          Tue Jun 11, 2013 7:25 pm (PDT) . Posted by: “Solberg, Andrew (MPD)” We are not installing cameras. The Trail is maintained by DDOT and I have not heard of any plans they have for cameras.

          Our officers patrol the Trail every day on bikes, segways, foot, and motorcycles. We urge anyone using the Trail to call 911 at the first sign of any potential danger.

          Andy Solberg
          Commander, 5D

  • Reverse the races and this would be called a hate crime. Instead, it’ll be called “just kids being kids”.

    • This is 2013. There is no reversing – this is just a hate crime.

    • Yup. It would be national news, and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be here, making statements about it and trying to figure out who to sue.

      • So rally your people then homeboy.

        The bigoted racial tones of comments here is so depressing.

        • Rally what people? Haha, the press isn’t going to cover something that happens every day in every huge city, black kids wilding out and beating people. Happened daily jn my hood in Detroit, sometimes the victims are black, sometimes white, sometimes other, but my fellow brothers and sisters have to be willing to be honest that there is a big problem with the way our kids are being brought up. All part of their environment. My black children have grown up in DC, I’m not rich, but they’d never even think about harming another person like this.

          • @ “Javon”

            This did happen in the deep south packs of whites would beat up and sometimes lynch people of color, take their property etc., not all whites but some and not just kids. Many of the rest who knew this was wrong were apathetic, they knew about this going on and did nothing. It was terrible then it is terrible now and the problem is too few people have the courage to do anything more than say it is wrong. Unfortunately sometimes more is required of people, sometimes you have get involved if not physically then yell / scream. There are too many ‘witnesses’ and not enough people willing to help. I have been robbed, my brother and several friends have been jumped just the threat of someone intervening might have saved them. Of course if a weapon (gun) is involved then you just have to hope for the best and not escalate the matter.

          • if you’re white they beat you, if you were black they’d shoot you….

          • Just the other day I was in the playground, and two young boys of color when they saw my young daughter (who is caucasian) said – oh right, we’re supposed to kill white people, and then they got up and walked away. It is something about the culture of young men of color in America, no question about it. Between the guns, the petty street crew wars, and the random beatings taking place from time to time, it’s amazing we don’t have more homicides at the level of Chicago or NYC.

          • justinbc

            You make it sound as if being “of color” is akin to having leprosy.

          • I’m sorry, anon 12:22. The kids actually *said* they’re supposed to kill white people and then walked away? Or you’re saying that for dramatic affect?

          • Responding to Anon 12:22–actually the level of homicides in New York City is much lower than in DC; even Chicago’s level of homicides is lower. According to 2010 FBI UCR statistics, New York had 6.4 homicides per 100,000 residents, DC had 21.9, and Chicago had 15.2.

    • Agreed, This is a hate crime. Lock those ghetto kids up before they hurt anyone else.

  • way to reinforce those stereotypes kids!

  • I used to look forward to the day when the trails in Maryland connect to this trail (supposedly in the next year or so) and I could ride into DC. If this keeps happening, I’ll just drive or take Metro and stick to the safer PG County trails (been riding them for years and have never been assaulted) when I feel like riding my bike.

  • Someone needs to invent handlebar mounted pepper spray cannons.

    • That would be a great idea until someone accidentally fires one of the canons while they are riding and then they are forced to ride through the cloud of pepper spray blinding them and causing them to ride into the street which leads to a driver swerving to miss them and in turn causes an oncoming bus full of nuns to hop the opposite curb destroying a street vendors cart throwing their wares into the air leading to birds flying out of the trees until one of them gets to the airport and winds up headed directly for the turbine of a jet as it is taking off and thus forcing the pilot to make an unexpected landing procedure that leads to the dispatch of the emergency crews that spray flam retardent chemicals on the runway around the disabled plane that eventually seep into the ground water and pollute the water that the biker eventually drinks days weeks later and causes them to develop a rash all over their body that doctor’s determine can only be cured, oddly enough, with simple aspirin. Weird.

  • andy

    I’ll go out on a ridiculously speculative limb and guess that this is some gang initiation type of thing.

    The location is likely to have people pass by, it’s quiet, no witnesses, and the people passing by will usually be passing through, not your neighbors or fellow students, etc.

    The attack was apparently for purposes of assaulting an unknown person, but not for robbery.

    • +1! Yup, people on this trail are sitting ducks, and a great way for cowards to gain street cred.

  • The trail needs security cameras pronto. There are just too many incidents.

  • trail of tears

  • it’s not your neighborhood get out.

  • The right angle turn at R Street is a trap! Bikers must slow way down to get around that curve, and that makes them sitting ducks for punks.

    Last year I was biking to work and a young kid loitering there asked me the time (as I slowed to negotiate the curve). I glanced at my watch, told him and kept riding.

    DAYS later, a guy was robbed right there — young kid asking the time, dude pulls out his smart phone (oxymoronically), and gets robbed of it.

    put a camera at that L curve since it has basically turned into a yuppie-trap
    never tell people the time by pulling out your stupid smart phone
    let’s teach the Guardian Angels how to ride bikes.

    • I never tell people the time. Sorry, it’s not my job to let you know the time if you never bothered to get a watch (which can cost as little as a few bucks, if you’re willing to wear a kid’s watch). If I’m riding a bike, I’m damn sure not going to tell you the time. You’re on foot, on a bike trail, clearly you’re not late for work, just keep walking and you’ll get to where you’re going whenever you get there.

  • the weird thing is that i almost feel embarrassed to admit that these reports have gotten to me. i don’t feel safe going on this path. i have ridden it only a handful of times, but i have to admit, i’m not sure i will again. part of me feels like this is giving in to irrational fear. but the other crimes like this one that have been reported are so random, that i fear it could happen to me next. does anyone else grapple with this, or have advice for how to deal with fear of being the victim of random crime? i’m know statistically it’s not likely to happen to me. for context i am mid-30’s, female, mother of a young child, used to be a regular bike commuter but have slowed down this year. (will it help to add, please no troll responses, only serious replies from people intending to be helpful?)

    • Honestly, I don’t think it’s irrational at all. I’m in my 30s and female as well. I have never biked on that trail, and you can be assured I never will. It seems like every other week someone is getting assaulted on it. If you know there is an area of the city you are more likely to be robbed/assaulted, don’t go there. Obviously it can and does happen everywhere, but you’d be kidding yourself to think that there aren’t areas where it’s more likely than others.

    • I don’t think it’s an irrational fear, but I think it’s based more on the nature of the incident than the likelihood of it happening. It may help if you ponder the number of people who travel uneventfully to and from work every day (rather than the number of people who don’t) to get you thinking more clearly. This is not to trick yourself into thinking that there aren’t really problems, but to remind yourself that they are not as inevitable as they sometimes seem.

      • I think you are underestimating how often these types of assaults occur, and how much you reduce your risk my avoiding certain areas of the city. You are also underestimating how much it would suck to get beat to a bloody pulp, sexually assaulted, or murdered. You probably won’t recover emotionally or potentially physically for a long time.

        If you ever hear about somebody getting mugged and randomly assaulted in a specific area more than one time, I think it’d be a good idea to not go anywhere near where that is happening.

        • I’m not underestimating anything. The person asked how to deal with fear, and I suggested thinking about how often it doesn’t happen rather than how often it does. If that doesn’t work for you then fair enough.

          I try to be street smart and avoid areas in which I don’t feel comfortable, but ‘feel’ is not the most reliable guide so I try to balance it with some rational thought too. Fact is I could be a victim almost anywhere, and I’m well aware of how much it would suck.

    • You should be ashamed if you DIDN’T let these assaults get to you. You’d be an idiot to ignore them. If i read that people were getting assaulted in the middle of the day on my normal route home from work, you’d better believe I’d start taking a less dangerous route.

      I intentionally walk 2 blocks out of my way virtually every time I leave the house so I don’t have to walk past mobs of loitering high school kids hanging out by housing projects. I don’t like when they walk through my neighborhood, and they sure as hell don’t like it when I walk through theirs. The only difference is I call the cops and they use a more proactive approach in voicing their displeasure.

  • Whether it is right or wrong, the people that now are posting some sort of racial based opinions didnt one day decide to start stereotyping. They saw crap like this perpetrated at the hands of black people enough times that their views were slowly skewed. It’s sad because I know so many black people in DC that are so well intentioned and are the sweetest people I have ever met, but events like this is all that people will remember.
    To help support my point, I will take a quote from Jesse Jackson:
    “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved…”

    • I think I see the point you’re trying to make, and I believe people’s race-based opinions are also often influenced by the fact that Washington DC really has no visible low-income white population. Yes, there is a youth/young adult subculture (that is, it’s a subculture within youth) of violence and thuggery and criminal behavior, but it’s not exclusively or inherently a “black” or “people of color” thing. Hang out in certain parts of Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and probably a whole host of other towns, and I promise you will see some white roughnecks engaging in much the same behavior as populates the MPD’s”look-out for black male” crime alerts. And I’m not suggesting that being low-income automatically pre-disposes one to crime–definitely not–but I think conditions are more favorable for delinquency when someone grows up in an environment where there is persistent generational poverty and where they can’t envision more positive alternatives for themselves, nor do they have role models to point the way to those.

      As for crime reports being all that some people remember or associate with black people–sorry, but that is on them. It’s a choice to focus on that. If someone has racist feelings as a direct result of being assaulted, then I have empathy for their post-traumatic stress and sincerely hope that they can work through their fears as part of their healing process. But merely hearing or reading about crime doesn’t cut it. You can just as easily choose–especially in a city like DC–to remember the hundreds or thousands of decent, law-abiding people of all races that you encounter in the streets, in your offices, in restaurants, and lots of other places who are going about their daily business, just as you are with yours. (I mean “you” as in, all of us in general, not in the sense that I’m trying to call out you personally.)

      • you always see these apologists and pedantic argument, AS IF people are going to freak out when they see ANY black person walking behind them at night. We all know who we are talking about when we discuss “the element”.

        • Some people do freak out, regardless of whether the person is of “the element” (whatever that means) or not. That’s the problem with letting specific crime reports mushroom into broader race-based fears. Unfortunately, I have yet to meet a professional, middle-class person of color who feels that their education, their job, their income, their clean-cut appearance, or whatever, has made them thoroughly immune from being stopped by the police, getting a wary eye from another person passing them on a sidewalk at night, or having a lady subtly clutch her purse tighter as she walks by.

        • Are you kidding? This whole time you thought concerns about the effects of racism were concerns about social harm for black people who are actually bad?

        • you are truly naive if you aren’t concerned about teenagers walking toward you on a quiet street in this city. it’s sad but true.

    • It’s interesting that as a rule, any white person online who brings up that quote completely misses its point. Simply imagine yourself as a black person repeating that line to figure out what he’s trying to say. It’s a black man saying it, you know, and he’s not saying it to point out to others that black people are scary. Here’s are hint, he states his point directly in the first clause.

  • What is the basis for the repeated suggestion that these kinds of incidents are common on this trail. There is a link to a post about an assault in February, which actually did NOT occur on this trail. Are there a bunch of assaults on this trai that are not being publicized? Any incident is bad. But I’m just wondering where the assertion that there is some epidemic of violence on this trail is coming from.

  • Seems like so many of the comments on these threads fall at one extreme or the other — either naive apologists trying to excuse such incidents on the grounds of endemic poverty, hopelessness, etc. (which are root causes, but don’t *excuse* such incidents), or really ugly comments about “animals,” fantasies about vigilante justice, etc.


  • Could a community bike riding group in Eckington be formed? Perhaps including riders from Brookland?

    Is there a way some type of buddy system could be formed, so people aren’t riding alone? Perhaps similar to how commuters carpool, cyclists who share a neighborhood could meet at the entrance to the trail and “bike pool” so they could ride in groups? I live in Capitol Hill, but I am actually willing to go a bit out of my way to escort someone on their way up to Eckington. Perhaps Eckington riders would be willing to do this for Brookland riders and Brookland riders for Silver Spring riders?

    I ride all the time, I think the level of community amongst cyclists needs to improve. An attack on one should be seen as an attack on all. My email is my first name + my last name + DC (at) gmail (dot) com (spelled out to avoid spam autobots). I think we can at least work together to make the trail safe for commuters, then figure out a way to help people cycling at later hours.

  • Same thing happened to me in Baltimore. 5 black teenagers attacked me while I was riding my bike. One of them landed a punch, but luckily neighbors stepped in and the kids ran off. Incidents like these were epidemic in Baltimore this spring.

    This incident, as well as other lower class african american youth attacks on people in Baltimore, has washed away all political correctness I have regarding race. If I see a group of african american teens and they look/act a certain way (can I say “ghetto’ here?), I will go out of my way to avoid them. True, violence occurs within all ethnic groups, but african americans seem to be predisposed to crime and violence. Just look at DOJ statistics or any local police data.

    And my new politically incorrect instincts have served me well. Last week I was boarding a bus and saw a group of ghetto teens next to me. By the way they were looking around, I could tell they were looking to “grab and run” a cell phone off of someone (another epidemic in Baltimore), so I intentionally went to the other side of the bus. Wouldnt you know it, they grabbed some lady’s cell phone at the very next bus stop and ran off into the night.

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