“Backpack Explosion” on the 300 Block of L Street, NE

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@IAFF36 tweets around 6:40pm Sunday night:

“Explosion – 315 L St NE – rear of address, reported backpack explosion, @DCPoliceDept bomb response enroute, FD staging to assist #dcfd”


“Update – 300blk L St NE – #DCFD assisting @DCPoliceDept inv report of backpack explosion, full box alarm w/ HazMat, Foam units & EMS staging”

More info as it becomes available.

A reader confirms some sort of explosion and tweets us @PoPville:

“we heard. V loud.”


Another sends via email:

“Here’s a photo of some people on the street responding after the recent ‘boom’ heard on 3&L. I was on 4&L when it happened, definitely felt a small shockwave. We walked back up so our friends could check on their house, but then turned away so were weren’t walking towards the blast. All the students in that dorm were on their balconies and people were all coming out of their houses to investigate.”

Update from @IAFF36:

“Update – 300blk L St NE – #DCFD & @DCPoliceDept continuing to investigate, Fire Investigator requested, no inj reported”

Update from @nbcwashington:

“DC Police think fireworks, not bomb, caused small explosion in alley on K St, NE.”

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  • Good God, people have got to stop blowing up stuff in this town!

    Did the guy wearing the backpack survive?

  • We live a block away. Were eating dinner and thought it was a dump truck or something. Went back to eating. Scary.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Completely selfish thought: please don’t let my mother learn about this. She worries enough about her kids & grandkids living so far away.

  • NBC is reporting it was fireworks in the backpack that exploded. Hoping so, and not something sinister.

    • I was about to say that it’s probably a pile of illegal fireworks that caught on fire. Once that happens – BOOM!

      That will definitely cause a shock wave, too.

    • If you’re feeling sinister, go off an see a minister…

  • As more and more people move in, so do the crazies.

    • you are sooooo mistaken if you think dc is getting LESS crazy.

      • Let’s see ~20 years ago we had one snow plow during a massive blizzard, the mayor was arrested for crack possession, the murder rate was off the charts, there were riots in Mt. Pleasant, we used to leave our car unlocked so thieves could steal without breaking the windows (which they did anyway half the time because they were crackheads), there was flagrant open air prostitution around Thomas Circle and up 14th st… but you’re right, a backpack full of fireworks exploded c a r a z a h a y ! ! !

        As more people move in the crazies move out… because it is hard to pay $1800 a month for a studio apt AND be crazy.

        Kids these days, it is the end times woo, rabble rabble rabble.

        If you think DC is more crazy now you probably weren’t here in the 80s/90s.

  • Am I the only one who is really surprised that an explosion large enough that people a block away could not only hear, but FEEL, is not front page news this morning? Even if it was just fireworks, it’s still surprising.

    • I disagree. What exactly is the news story that you would expect to see? “A bag of fireworks went off and you could feel it a block away” is not much of a story when you actually think about it. Unusual, sure, but not much of a story.

    • Agreed, I was walking along 4th & M when I heard and felt the explosion. I was pretty surprised to hear it was just fireworks…must have been some powerful fireworks. I guess its not news worthy unless someone gets hurt.

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