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  • I like union market, but was surprised how upscale everything was – nothing like Eastern Market. Looking at the crowd, I felt like I was in Georgetown.

  • @nicoli – I agree…I am still wondering who/what that market is for…it would not be so bad if there was more vendors selling typical market fare (fruits, veggies, and the like). I appreciate artisanal cheese and charcuterie but not it’s definitely not on my regular shopping list.

    • My guess is its purpose is to secure the western flank of gentrification in NE in the area between H , New York Ave, Bladensburg, and Mt. Olivert.

      I don’t have much use for most of the shops there but I do have to admit the Red Apron setup is pretty nice. The pork sandwich I had there was probably the best thing, for the price, I’ve eaten in DC.

  • I’m afraid i’m too middle class to even go in there.

  • Yes, there are twee little artisinal stands aplenty at UM, but there are also some pretty damn useful ones. Harvey’s Market is an honest-to-god butcher, usually less expensive than WF for local, fresh meat. The new seafood addition will be interesting to see; it’s the vendor that Woodberry Kitchen essentially created to provide them products. The owner is a lifelong fisherman with focus on sustainability. At worst it will be Black Salt prices but more accessible. I’m hoping it will be somewhat comparable to Maine Ave (I have no illusions that it will be cheaper, but am confident the seafood will be better).

    Neopol’s prices for smoked goods isn’t terrible (for smoked salmon you’re already talking a luxury product …). The bakery has fresh bread that is not outrageously priced. Nothing there is Safeway prices, but the quality is (almost) uniformly better by leaps and bounds. And you can always walk over to the produce wholesalers for cheaper stuff. I don’t think people realize that you can get quality goods at those holes in the wall, and you don’t necessarily have to buy it by the case or be a restaurant owner.

    • Produce wholesalers that are open to the public, you say? Tell me more, please!

    • For now you can walk over to the produce wholesalers, but I think the fear is that the gentrification that comes with the likes of Union Market will ultimately push those wholesalers out of the neighborhood (likely out of the District, I guess).

  • I don’t get this criticism…It’s too “upscale?” There is nothing overly bougie about Harvey’s Meats, the vegetable stand, the pickle vendor, the Mediterranean shop, or the bakery stand. Is it so bad that among those “everyday” type shops, you can also get some fantastic locally made charcuterie, or local oysters, or grab a bottle of wine?

    I don’t think UM is trying to be Eastern Market North…it’s trying to balance being a working market with also being a dining destination, and based on the crowds there on the weekends, I think it’s succeeding in that goal.

  • I love it. Only in the District of Discontent would you have people dogging Union Market for not being this and not being that.

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