Wiseguy NY Pizza Closed to Reconfigure Kitchen to “Keep Up With Demand” in Mt. Vernon Square

With much anticipation Wiseguy NY Pizza officially opened Nov. 15th at 4th and H St, NW. I stopped in on Saturday and have to say – the pizza is pretty freaking good. So I believe the sign above. If you like NY style pizza, I gotta give credit where credit is due – this is some of the best I’ve ever had outside of New York. And they have garlic knots!

4th and H St, NW

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  • I think they sprinkle crack in their pizza. Its fantastic. Seriously tho… the crust is perfect. I live across the street and already go there way too much.

  • I agree that the pizza is quite good (and a great addition to the still-sparse offerings in the immediate area).

    And I am also excited that they are attempting to figure out how to improve the service… I think moving the cash register is a good start (even though it’s based on the “traditional” NYC format, there’s a huge backup with where/how to pick up your pizzas).

  • Good for them! I’ve got to get down there to give it a try. One thing that I think is a little weird, though: they’re closing for two days to reconfigure their kitchen after barely ten days in operation? Sounds kind of premature to me, although I have no idea exactly what they’re responding to in terms of demand and what it is about their kitchen that they think needs to be improved. But I hope it’s not too costly. I would never assess my long-term operational health after only 10 days in a location with pent-up demand that is likely to stabilize, if not taper off, over the coming months. Anyone else think that sounds a little bit panicky and impulsive? Or is that just normal behavior for NYers? (Not so subtle regional dig, coming from the New Haven pizza guy…)

    • Mmmmmmm. Yelp reviews make me want to go there RIGHT NOW. Darn. Gotta wait til Wednesday. Look’m really good’m.

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