Red Palace Closing January 1, 2013 on H Street, NE

by Prince Of Petworth November 26, 2012 at 11:30 am 11 Comments

1210-1212 H Street, NE

The big news dropped right before Thanksgiving. From Red Palace’s facebook page:

Red Palace: Fare-thee-well.

After almost seven years the Red Palace will sadly close it’s doors at the end of the year. The current ownership is changing, and with that change comes new ideas for the future.

Red Palace had it’s beginnings in The Red & The Black and The Palace of Wonders. The Red & The Black a quirky little live music venue. The Palace of Wonders a Vaudevillian entertainment bar replete with sideshow oddities. Loving neighbors from the beginning it seemed only natural when they were joined in 2010 to become the Red Palace.

We would like to thank the H street community, businesses and the many talented artists and entertainers we’ve had the pleasure of hosting. We especially want to thank our patrons and our fantastic staff for making it a great place to be, and truly one-of-a-kind.

We love H Street, and feel privileged to be a part of the community. Join us over the next several weeks for a show, a drink and a bite to eat as we say farewell. Don’t miss our “Ball Drop” New Year’s Eve. It will be a party to be remembered.

Any fans of Red Palace? Stay tuned for word on the new owners plans.

  • Emma

    Let me be the first to say: Noooooooooo!

  • Anonymous

    DAMNIT! Another good bar/venue bites the dust. This place was a gem, a solid on the H street strip. One of the most unique concepts for a bar I’ve ever encountered. I’ll definitely be hitting up a few burlesque shows between now and closing time.

  • Anonymous

    “its” It’s “its.”

  • I loved the Red & The Black…this is a bummer.

  • Alan

    I live across the alley from them. They were always nice about turning the music down when things got too loud. I wish the prior owners luck.

  • eabod

    sucks. the upstairs venue is perfect for smaller punk and hardcore bands. oh well, at least I saw a bunch of good shows there.

  • Anonymous

    This sucks. The renovated music venue turned out to be quite possibly my favorite in the city. It had great site lines and sound. No matter where you stood, you felt close to the band. They booked interesting bands, too.

  • Anonymous

    This is very disappointing. And you can bet that the next bar to fill this space will not offer topless entertainment.

  • That man A

    This sucks, while i did not go to many shows here i did frequent the brunch which always proved to be entertaining

  • kfed

    I first met my wife at the Red & the Black and always appreciated both bars. I think the only reason we had stopped going was that it was getting too crowded at a time. Will certainly give a visit before they turn off the lights.

  • Good-bye pasties, hello small plates.


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