Dear PoPville – Landscape Company for a Small Yard?

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Dear PoPville,

A small company that cut both my front & back lawns of my small Petworth rowhouse has gotten greedy. He now wants $300 !! to cut my front hedge & weed the front yard. Meanwhile, I still need the yardwork done & have paid no more than $100 in the past & believe that’s high. Do you know of a landscape company or some guys (I speak Spanish, as do many of these workers) with the right equipment?

For those that use a service or handyman – how much do you guys pay for lawn care?

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  • Hi,

    For the last 5 years I’ve been working with Emory Cameron. He does very good yard work, mowing, cutting hedges, planting flower beds. He’s very reasonable – I pay $45 for my front and back yard (which is pretty big). He always comes when he says he will and he cleans up as well. He usually has a crew of two or three guys depending on what the job entails. I’ve recommended him to other people in my office and they’ve had good experiences with him as well. He will come even if you’re not home and do the work – I just pay him after the job is done through my bank billpayer and he’s cool with that. His number is 202-460-7908 (use this one) and 202-332-3985 use this one if you don’t get him on the other number.

    Hope this helps.

  • “Greedy” is in the eye of the beholder. I have friends who spend entire days doing their own weeding. And it’s not a one time thing. All depends on how much one is willing to pay to avoid doing the work oneself.

  • old city green has done work for us before and they have done a great job.

  • I pay a neighborhood kid $20-$30 to do the weeding and generally keep the lawn in shape, and I have a pretty big yard.

  • Parkview Kids Zone had kids handing out fliers this summer for yard work. I think it was $35/$40 per yard which was a bit steep for the size of our yard. You can find them on Facebook. Not sure if they do weeding but they might if the price is right.

  • Our spring touch up was $410, our front yard is very small and that includes plants.

  • Unless you travel or have an infirmity, do it yourself. You’ll actually learn what’s needed to keep up a yard.

  • People need work! If you can afford to pay someone to do jobs like this that you don’t want to do or have time to do it – great! Crazy how some people get all “good for your character” about stuff like this. Can’t tell you how liberating it was when I decided to stop painting myself and hire painters!

    That said, I do mostly enjoy keeping up my own small yard but do pay around $40.00 every now and then for a heavy-duty weeding & clean up. I figure $15.00-20.00 an hour is fair, and most rowhouse yards – front and back – could easily be done in 2 hours. Always best to establish a set price however, not by the hour.

  • Wait…someone said paying kids $35/$40 for a yard (anon re: parkview kids zone) is a bit steep?! I suspect this same person is the first one to complain when the kids are just hanging out on the corner maybe or maybe not causing trouble.

  • Who are these people paying so much for lawn care? The local guy I hired cuts the grass, weeds, edges around the sidewalk, and trims hedges for $50/visit (and I have a big yard). He comes by whenever he sees the grass is getting high (about 1x/mo) and gets the key to the backyard from the doormat.

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