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  • PoP, no disrespect, but this headline could use a little work. I thought you were saying that Miss Pixie’s was closing because of renovations happening around Logan Circle . . .

  • Darn. Now where will I go to buy overpriced, sub-par quality products while being treated as if I’m not good enough to buy anything by pretentious staff?

    • You know, I wouldn’t have put it precisely that way, but I was checking out their inventory online the other day and saw that she’s selling an Ikea kids armoire, which goes for $179 brand new, for $225. Made me feel like a total sucker for paying what we did for a dresser from there recently.

      • It’s a great shop with good prices! We LOVE ms pixies, and are so happy she was able to stay in the neighborhood.

        It’s used stuff – pricing is arbitrary. It’s a business! She charges what she can get based on tons of experience with her customers. I’d say she is really really good at what she does!

        • Agree with Dave. I love Pixie and all she stands for!

          • All I can tell they stand for is high prices and bad service. Unless they’re renovating their business model while they’re in there, I don’t think it will help.At least Point Chaud has good coffee and crepes to go along with their terrible service. Is there something wrong with the west side of 14th St that makes the businesses there way more lame than the ones on the east side?

            Super bummed, too. I was hoping for a cool used-furniture store in the neighborhood. But I think you’re supposed to sell used stuff for less than it would cost new. If Pixies stayed closed it wouldn’t really matter to me.

            +1 Aw shucks

        • +100. Half my furniture is from Miss Pixie’s and I’ve always felt I got a very fair price. You are paying for curating, searching and hauling good stuff in from the hinterlands of junk piles. Sure – I might have found that mint-condition 1950’s alligator hide barcolounger at a flea market for $50 or even $100 less – If I spent every weekend driving hundreds of miles all over the area and every Thursday at Crumpton.

    • Maybe you should try a thrift shop. I just got a Metro wire wine rack from Miss Pixie’s for about $100 less than the cost of new. And since that stuff never goes bad, it’s in the same condition as new, except i didn’t have to assemble it and they delivered it on the same day I bought it. Along with the wrought-iron patio chairs for only $45 a chair (and in decent condition, too). Don’t complain if you don’t know how to find a good deal in a used furninture store, it just comes natural to some of us.

  • Damn! Where am I suppose to get my free cookie-fix from now?

  • I’ve never purchased anything there but I love to go there browsing. I agree that things are expensive there, but they have some things that are really unique. I can honestly say that I have never been warmly greeted by any of the employees, but I have never felt they were pretentious. I look forward to the store reopening. Im just thankful that space was not demolished to make way for another apartment/condo building with an overpriced restaurant on the ground level.

  • Well it all makes sense now. The guy who didn’t like Miss Pixies thinks that the rubber crepes at Point Chaud are good.

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