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Dear PoPville – Update on Axiom/Trash Valet Battle

Valet Waste

On Aug. 2 a reader first wrote in about a new trash valet service fee at their rental. Another reader updates:

Dear PoPville,

A call to boycott the new $25/mo Valet Waste service at our building (Axiom at Capitol Yards) came in under our door a couple days ago, to my roommates’ and my amusement. [Trash Boycott Flyer] This was followed by a letter from the management to tell us about how this new service charge is the greatest thing that will solve all the trash problems that we didn’t have until they started charging us for it. [Axiom Response Flyer]

The management company has apparently been hit with enough complaints that they’ve felt compelled to issue a response. They’ve tried to justify the additional fee by citing increasing costs in trash collection, yet claiming that they are adding a new luxury service at the same time to deflect the cost (a circular argument at best).

The fact is, the management company has done a stupendously poor job in outlining its proposal to residents, instead choosing to impose a fee on its residents with no clear opt-out and a total lack of transparency. For $25/mo, I’m sure many residents would like other things as a “luxury amenity” rather than being saved the effort to lug the trash for tens of feet all the way to the chute on the same floor.

And to smooth things over, Valet Waste is hosting a resident happy hour to answer questions on Wednesday at 5:30pm. This whole thing was funny in the beginning, but now it STINKS.

They may take our trash, but they’ll never take… OUR FREEDOM! -Mel Gibson

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