Renderings and Design Plans for Farmers, Fishers and Bakers Coming to Georgetown Waterfront

From an email:

Farmers Fishers Bakers is debuting this fall with design by our client, GrizForm Design Architects.

Griz Dwight, principal of the design firm, was inspired by an urban farmhouse for the restaurant’s design. Here are a few key design elements:

Art in the bar area will include sculptural farm animals and gardening tools used as a seasonal display to garner the farmhouse theme

Bar design details include flooring inspired by field grids seen from an airplane above and brown lighting that will bring a sunset feeling indoors

The Nautical-inspired back dining area offers pod-like booths that are intimate and can seat four-to-six diners

A series of dioramas will be found throughout the space with miniature versions of a farm setting

Communal tables that seat about 10 will sit above whitewashed wood flooring in the Pantry area

Alongside the tables (also in the Pantry) will be barrels and shelving with items that the restaurant pickled, grew, and made so that diners can enjoy the freshest ingredients

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  • Maybe it’s just the rendering, but this doesn’t look terribly inviting to me. Also, what’s up with the ghosted silhouettes in the both in the second photo? Looks like a sloppy drunken mess is groping his date.

    • Apparently an “urban farmhouse” is as sterile as your dentist’s office. I also noticed the silhouettes. Looks like a stripper to the right in the first picture and a public fondlefest to the left in the second. Or the renderings just don’t do it justice, or we’re lacking imagination, or something.

    • That was my thought too. Is this a restaurant, or a night club? Or a strip joint? The silhouettes are creepy.

    • Melisandre’s evil smoke-babies. Don’t take Renly to the Georgetown waterfront!

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