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  • Anonymous

    They sure could have made those blocked-in windows look a little more aesthetically pleasing. You can totally tell where the windows were, which give it a prison-like feel. I bet the inside is nice, however.

  • shawdt

    Not a fan. They didn’t even point tuck the mortar- just slopped paint over the whole building- and those bricked in former windows are awful. I much preferred the previous state as a single family home with windows in the same matching format as normal homes- even if it was a bit rundown. It had more character and historical appeal before this quick condo conversion. Two thumbs down- don’t enjoy looking at this everyday.

  • Rock

    I like the “before” version better — how often does that happen?!

    I also think the condos within were on sale for what seemed like a very high price. Anyone know if they sold?

  • Dreadful.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t know anything about renovations/construction…is there a practical reason for bricking over windows?

    • Anonymous

      I think the bricked in windows cover a new staircase installed across the window.

  • Chris

    I think the lazy job explains why they have been trying to sell these two units (one is main floor, the other the top two floors) for a few months, and neither has sold.

    They’ve switched real estate companies once or twice too. In DC, if you can’t sell a new condo in a month, you’re doing something wrong.

  • UStreeter

    Ever go to an open house and think, “God, if only if this place had fewer windows!” Yeah, exactly.

  • Anonymous

    I have seen the renovated units and yes, the windows were bricked in because the top two floors are one unit and they added a staircase to connect the floors. There is absolutely no living room space in the upstairs unit. You’re either cooking in the living room or watching TV in the kitchen, depending on how you set it up. And no room for a dining table. The unit does have a nice outside deck though. Too bad they couldn’t make the space work better somehow.

  • Q-Street

    Like the before better.

  • indc

    Agreeing with others on here — the “before” actually looked better. Although they get a bonus point for replacing the chainlink fence – which, now that I think of it, is require by DC law.

    • anon

      really replacing chain link fence is required? huh… interesting

  • Are those cheap IKEA cabinets?

  • Would have been better if it had collapsed during the earthquake last year.

  • Anonymous

    why’d they make it look like a mistake?

  • ET

    If the outside is any indication of the job they did on the inside then I can see why they haven’t sold.

  • Gah! I just want to put…..WINDOWS there. I can’t deal with the asymmetry!

  • Anonymous

    Yes they could have made the blocked in windows look more pleasing. I have been inside and can see why they blocked the windows. The space is small but they did a good job working with the square footage they have to work with. I see one of the units in under contract. They will need to lower the price a bit on the other unit to sell it but I think overall they workmanship was good but they could have made the exterior a bit nicer. The grey color looks much better than the pink.


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