Fiesta DC Moving from Mt. Pleasant to Pennsylvania Avenue This Year

Photo by PoPville flickr user schmiddi

From the Washington Post:

Fiesta D.C. will be held this year [Sept. 23] on Pennsylvania Avenue after city leaders and event organizers agreed that the event has grown so large it can no longer be held in Mount Pleasant.”

You can see photos from previous year’s Fiesta here, here, here and here.

We first spoke about the possibility of the Fiesta moving from Mt. Pleasant back in Aug. 2009.

Do you agree that the festival had gotten too big and needed to move to a new location?

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  • Too large? More like too drunken.

  • ah

    So large we now will disrupt an even larger area by closing Pennsylvania Ave.

    • Unlike Mt. Pleasant Street, Pennsylvania Avenue is frequently the host of large events that require closing down the route. Not a big deal.

      • saf

        Yes, it is a big deal. We allow too many road closures And the ones that block the tunnel access make me absolutely nuts. Sometimes, you have to get to SW. Oh, and the bus re-routing is nuts.

  • YES! Poorly organized and executed. Glad to see it moved.

  • That’s fine. I probably won’t go this uear then. Not really worth the trip. It’s usually pretty lame anyway.

  • thebear

    The Capital Pride Festival moved from P Street down to Pennsylvania Av. It really had outgrown the neighborhood. The only thing wrong was how a particular group came out and said that Dupont was unacceptable because it attracted mostly white males and that it had to be moved to correct that…the issues of size and improved accessibility were only hastily promoted after the y-chromosome bashers had done the damage of alienating a lot of financial supporters.

    The real test of whether this is a good move will be if the violence that has marred it does not follow it. Downtown is far less tolerant of neighborhood thug violence erupting at events, and if there are any serious problems that is guaranteed to permanently end the festival.

    • You’re thinking about the Carribean Festival. The biggest issue with Fiesta DC last year was the trash left behind by its attendees, as far as I can remember.

      • Correct. It was the Carribean festival that was stabby and shooty. Fiesta was just kinda trashy.

      • thebear

        Ah. My mistake. Since I don’t live up in MtP, I’m not up on which is which.

        As for trash, don’t all permits require paying for DPW to clean up after? DPW has a crew following the Pride Parade as it goes. They do an amazing job of cleaning up…within minutes, you don’t even know it had been there.

  • The festival had gotten too big but I’m still sorry to see it go to soulless Pennsylvania Ave. Neighborhood festivals are much cooler, imo.

  • While I think, due to the problems that occurred year, this was the right move for both the festival and the neighborhood. That said, I do hope Mt. Pleasant might someday have another neighborhood festival (something smaller and more contained).

  • She’s hot! So there I said it!

  • Sadly, Fiesta DC had outgrown Mt.P. I wish that it could have moved up 14th St instead (north of the firehouse which the city rightfully decided needed to remain open during such an event). That said, I wonder if they will be able to have more booths and activities given the more spacious downtown location? As for the person who called the location “soulless”, Latin music can liven up just about any location or occassion, so I hope they play it long, and play it loud 🙂

  • Congratulations Fiesta DC !

    You have finally grown up and made it to the big league. Don’t even consider all the haters (examples listed below.)

    Only the best, more important, most frequented, well organized, and most popular festivals make it to Penn Avenue – in the shadow of the Capitol.

    How appropriate.

    • Actually, that would be the RFK Stadium parking lot. It’s where the really large, popular events take place these days. But Penn. Ave. is up there, too.

      • thebear

        The big reasons for Pennsylvania Avenue are: Visibility and accessibility. Festivals automatically get some kind of press because of the location. And, it’s accessible to every subway line without having to transfer…that opens up attendance from just a neighborhood.

  • I live just around the corner from Fiesta DC and I agree, last year it was too crowded and, I felt, a little unsafe to have so many people crammed in there with few egresses.

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