Maruka Gallery Closes in Shaw

9th and N St, NW

Dear PoPville,

Any idea what happened to Maruka and the jewelery shop at the corner of 9th & N across from Old City Green. I live right there and they seemed to disappear overnight. It’s been there for a while and now that Shakti yoga is gone, that end is totally vacant.

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  • Isn’t “Table” moving in next door? Maybe they’re consolidating both spaces.

  • I talked to the owners as they were moving out. They are closing because of high rents / not enough business. Not sure why the yoga shop closed. They said they realize that business might improve in a couple years when all the condos/apartments deliver from the various projects all around that corner but they can’t afford to sit and wait. I doubt those spaces will sit empty for long.

  • Why on earth would people open small retail shops? No booze, no chance.

    • Because not everyone wants to retail booze, and also – because it’s not always so easy to get a license to sell booze.

      In the meantime, a neighborhood where you could operate a retail space on the cheap is now seeing major development (O St. Mkt., high rise hotel next to the convention center, etc.) and growing interest (Seasonal Pantry, Sundevich, Table, Passenger, etc.) thus higher rents.


  • Shame. Lovely gallery with super interesting jewelry. I wondered how it would survive…

  • bought many pieces from them. lovely owners, excellent items, sorry to see them go.

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