Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Ledroit Park/Shaw

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Unfortunately there are now photos of this rental at 607 Florida Avenue, NW but given the location, I think the price is pretty good so what the hell. The listing says:

“Beautiful English Basement Newly updated. This unit is located Directly across from the Newly Updated Howard Theatre ……very close to shopping,metro, and DC’s nite life”

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,375/Mo.

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  • good deal, but it will be amazingly loud.

  • I’m sure it’s crap… if they aren’t going to put pictures up I don’t even bother inquiring…

  • If you live here you will be 200 feet from the metro and 3 feet from all the trucks and ambulances rumbling down Florida Avenue.

  • I agree that traffic would be loud if the windows aren’t good, but traffic can actually become somewhat of a background hum and not horrible. The worst is partiers who roam up and down streets yelling stuff on Friday and Saturday nights. That’s one of the things that makes living off 18th Street in AdMo or on 14th or U Street a bit funky. You’d be fairly safe from that here.

  • The renter of this unit will probably develop a nervous tick from the constant noise (not to mention inhaling all that fresh exhaust from the traffic just outside your window).

  • very interested in the apartment please email me with more information

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