Arcadia’s Mobile Farmers Market Launched

From a press release:

Arcadia’s Mobile Market is a bright green, retrofitted school bus that operates as a farmers’ market on wheels.

The Mobile Market brings local, sustainably-produced vegetables, fruit, eggs, milk and meat to Washington, D.C. neighborhoods.

Wednesdays 4:00-7:00pm
Ledroit Park/Common Good City Farm, Corner of Elm St and 3rd St, NW”

See complete schedule here.

Mobile Market Flyer

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  • Just because it’s local doesn’t mean that it’s better for the environment or makes you a better person. In fact, supermarkets are one of the most efficient means of distributing food, though this admittedly comes at the cost of less-than-stellar perishable goods.

  • I’m very impressed that they’re going to neighborhoods where they are really needed.

  • Off topic, but I just clicked on the map and noticed – for the first time ever – that Rhode Island Ave is also labeled W City Ave. WTF? Is that for real? How have I never noticed that? Google turns up no explanation…

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