Showtime Lounge Owner says Previous Tenant, Barbershop, “Not Forced Out” in Bloomingdale

113 Rhode Island Ave, NW

On Monday we spoke about the Showtime Lounge coming to 113 Rhode Island Ave, NW in Bloomingdale. At the time one commenter, Colonel K, wrote:

“So one of the best (black) barbershops in the area was closed to make way for a pub for white hipster yuppies. Cheers.”

After I stopped by one of the owners followed up in an email wishing to clarify the situation:

“I noticed in the comments sections that some people were concerned about the predominately African-American frequented barbershop being muscled out to make way for a “gentrified” bar. I’d like to make sure people know that we had nothing to do with the closing of the salon. I was only able to get the space because I’ve lived upstairs from the Showtime for the last five years and got to know the barbers well, so I was able to jump on the opportunity once it was clear that they were closing. They had to close because the owner, who didn’t work there and only rented out the barber chairs, hadn’t paid her rent in months and was getting sued for back rent. So basically, the place was closing no matter what. If anyone would like to visit Ben or Sean or any of the barbers that are no longer there, we’ve posted where they’re working now on the outside of the building.”

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  • I’m sure you are well aware that some people will post uninformed, inflammatory comments just to start trouble.

  • I love how people assume things and make harmful comments/accusations when they have NO IDEA what is really going on. It can quickly lead to a flurry of false information floating around and often hurts progress in the neighborhood. Ah…the joys of the open forum.

  • Great response, might have to check this place out.

  • Racism doesn’t often advance one very far on the jump to conclusions mat.

  • Re: “You should read the article in the post from about a week ago on the gentification of H street and how it’s supported by many of the African-American residents. My point is that you shouldn’t think for a second that you speak on behalf of any particular community, because you don’t.”

    You deserve a kick in the teeth. Why on earth should I have to keep changing barbers cuz you jokers wanna have a bar around the corner. Useless the lot of you. I don’t claim to speak for all black folk, but I was a regular customer at that barbershop. Go back to Bethesda.

    • move to PG

    • What is the difference between you telling a white person to “go back to Bethesda” and a white person in Besthesda telling a black person to “go back to the ghetto?”

      Is your vision clouded from beneath that white hood of yours?

    • LOL um, did you not read just read the note from the owner?

      If you were such a devout costumer to the barbershop then you would have known they were on their way out, why they needed to find a new spot, and/or could have possibly even stepped into save them from the ‘jokers’.

      Kudos to the owner for the follow-up and bringing a welcome new business to the neighborhood! Also, thanks for passing along the info about Ben and Sean so their ‘regulars’ can continue going to them.

      • Honestly, what kind of barbershop regular wouldn’t know the circumstances, and where their barber was moving to? Every time I’ve been in this situation, my barber has written this kind of thing down on a note or business card. Then again, maybe the Colonial only gets his hair cut once every few months, or maybe his barber kept him in the dark on purpose.

    • not to mention, the new spot is going to play R&B, soul, exclusively on their jukebox. they specifically mentioned this, making me think they were saying so to tell you it won’t be a bar like the others in the area. a bit more chill, laid back with some SOUL…. just saying

    • You have to keep changing barbers “cuz” you pick barbers who don’t pay their rent.

      • lol! This makes me think… I thought Colonel K was a regular at this barbershop to begin with… so why was he ever having to ‘keep changing barbers’ in the first place? I call BS on Colonel K’s initial story!!! Busted!!!!

    • You sound like an uninformed clown who is just trying to start trouble. PoP and the new owners gave your original comment too much attention by even responding. You are laughable and your frame of mind does not represent very many people at all, even though you seem to be implying that you’re well within the mainstream of black residents.

    • don’t feed the troll!

    • Given the substance of his post, it would appear the Colonel has dropped a couple of K’s from his moniker.

    • Um, I know you, Colonel K, and let’s just put it out there that you’re a hell of a lot more likely to be seen hanging out at some dumb hipster yuppie bar than at an H Street barber shop.

    • I’m the poster of that comment who “deserves the kick in the teeth.”

      Be gone, troll!

  • Great response by the owners, fully demonstrating their involvement with this specific community.

  • Oh no! Now that block only has 14 barbershops.

  • don’t get snarky now… barber shops have long been a center of black communities, like church. it’s not uncommon to see many in a heavily black area. we can’t just go anywhere to get shaped up, we need to go places where people know how to care for black hair.

    • this comment was meant for RobB… p.s. it has nothing to do with the fact that the owner didn’t pay her rent (for those thinking of commenting on that fact)

      • So what’s the real reason, then?

        • that is the real reason. she didn’t pay the rent. but i was commenting on why RobB thinks there are so many barbershops on the block.

          • Sorry. I misunderstood you.
            I thought you were implying that wasn’t the reason for the closure (thus implying something more sinister/racist afoot).

      • From OP: “They had to close because the owner…hadn’t paid her rent in months and was getting sued for back rent. So basically, the place was closing no matter what.”

  • kudos. fair play to the new tenants!

  • You seem to be immune to facts, Colonel K.

  • The rent is too damn high!

  • City People : )

    What are the chances that a person named Colonel K that emailed his comment to the Bloomingdale Listserv Newsletter just happened to see this article on POP moments after it was posted and came online to post a comment?

    Now what are the chances that some yuppie puppie sitting in his government office browsing the internet decided to type “Colonel K” in the Name Field just to get a rise out of you silly rabbits and is kicking back having a good laugh at you all now.

    I think the yuppie puppie played you like a violin and you are dancing to his tune of laughter. : )

  • Great that the new lounge owner gave information about the barber. But sorry to say, gentrification is gentrification. Don’t ever forget that minorities keep getting displaced all the time around you.

    Think about it. Don’t flame. Just think about how things change. Oh, and SMH at the person who said black people enjoy gentrification. Some do, most don’t.

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