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  • brookland_rez

    I don’t know that much about cameras, but what could possibly be that good about that camera to justify a $7000 price tag? Does it have like a 50 megapixel resolution or something?

    • Leicas have a dedicated fanbase. The lenses are supposedly excellent and they’re built solid. That said, they’re often more for hobbyists with more money than they know what to do with than for pros. Even for that small segment, Fuji has been releasing several cameras as of late that look like Leicas and apparently shoot like Leicas, but cost 1/3 or less in price.

    • Leicas are excellent cameras, but a new Leica is a rich person’s plaything and little else. Serious photographers buy them used after their original owners lose interest and move on to something else.

    • It’s just like any tool – a $2 hammer will put a nail through wood, but the $50 hammer will do it better.

  • If it turns out there really is a market for this store in DC I think I’ll take up mugging.

    • Are you just outraged that some people have this kind of money? Or are you outraged that there are manufacturers that cater to them? Do you carjack people that drive Ferraris? I really don’t see your point.

  • Nothing compares to Leica glass (the lenses) and the cameras are built like tanks. These are not for your typical amateur, but for the prosumer/pro base.

    • I’d much rather have Mamiya or Hasselblad (nee Fuji). Leica stuff is great for the size, but if you don’t mind the weight of larger items, there is some better stuff out there.

  • I’m Eurotrippin’ . . .

  • I get the Panasonic Lumix. More bang for your buck and has the Leica lens and chip.
    Of course, nothing beats the beauty of the real thing.

    • Those are comparable (and in fact identical) to the less expensive Leica point and shoot cameras, but not the M Series.

  • It is all in the glass!!!

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